Here’s a data point for anyone working on their dissertation about the lemonade stand as symbolic avatar for American Capitalism.* Never mind Fox News fantasies about Barack Obama trying to destroy young entrepreneurs, now the kids need to worry about getting robbed at gunpoint. A BB gun, but still. TPM reports that a 12-year-old boy will be charged in juvenile court after using a BB gun to rob a 10-year-old’s lemonade stand:

Authorities in Johnstown, Pa. said that the boy used what what was ostensibly a handgun in his pocket to threaten the 10-year-old boy who was running the stand. A scuffle ensued between the two boys before the 12-year-old made out with $30.

Never mind the implications about yoots and violent crime. We are more concerned about how the kid “made out with” the stolen cash, which seems like a risk factor for a career in corporate takeovers.

*This notion is contested — and rightly so — by Slate’s Michal Lemberger, we should add. Something something public radio.


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