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Hero New York Cops Disciplined (UPDATE — FIVE YEARS AGO) Just For Stopping And Frisking 60-Year-Old Black Police Chief Who Had ID Around His Neck

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UPDATE: Y’all, I can’t read a fucking dateline. This story is five years old. Also, I quit.

What is this world even coming to when two white New York Police Department officers are “disciplined” — that is, placed on “modified duty” and didn’t even get to keep their guns!!!1! — just for ordering an off-duty three-star police chief, with his ID around his neck, out of his department vehicle with his hands in the air?

In his briefing to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, [community affairs chief Douglas] Zeigler said the two cops, who are white, had no legitimate reason to approach his SUV, ranking sources said.

After they ordered him to get out, one officer did not believe the NYPD identification Zeigler gave him.

The officers are all like “nah mang,” he shoved us when we tried to look at his DEPARTMENT ID, and also didn’t identify himself but went all “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM,” and anyway what is so wrong with ordering a 60-year-old man out of his SUV, if’n he is black? Ray Kelly says that is A-OK!

So, you know, they kind of have a point. A very stupid, Nugentian point.


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