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Why Did Black TV Pundit, Best-Selling Author And Former White House Aide Keith Boykin Steal That White Lady’s Phone?

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It is a sad day in Obama’s America when black best-selling authors and tv commentators and former Clinton White House aides are reduced to stealing white ladies’ phones. Or maybe we should say “it is a day like every other day in Obama’s America,” since black best-selling authors and tv commentators and former Clinton White House aides stealing white ladies’ phones is just the natural end point of all the “race hustlers” smoking their jazz cigarettes and demanding reparations and oppressing all the white people by being upset when the white people shoot them.

Now, some of you might suggest that Keith Boykin — about whom we have to say “homina homina homina,” are we right ladies and gays? — was being unfairly racially profiled, and that it is in fact RIDICULOSE to suggest that the tall, elegant Harvard grad and longtime fighter for gay and African American equality would be running around, willy-nilly, stealing white ladies’ phones.

To that we suggest you remember your Occam’s Razor, and that the most obvious answer is that Keith Boykin definitely stole that white lady’s phone.

Shame on you, Keith Boykin, for stealing that white lady’s phone.


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