whinyass. tittybaby.You’re on the computer! Have you seen this wonderful New Yorker cover? We mean before right now? Well, National Review Online’s Kathryn Jean Lopez has, and she has summed it up with the two most trenchant, insightful words anyone could have in these Times of Despair. Her entire post is a picture of the cover (above!) and the headline Innocence. Lost. (Well, okay, and then the fragment “The new cover of The New Yorker:” — but still!)

But what were some other two-word posts K-Lo could have wrote in its place?

Let’s. Explore.

Rainbow. Dashed.
Peppermint. Patty.
Butt. Sechs.
Couch. Fainted.
Salts. Smelled.
Jesus. Laughed.
Pinkie. Pied.
Whiny. Bitchez.
Felt. Dolls.
SuckIt. Scalia.
Nerd. PointsOutThatSCOTUSDoesn’tAllowCameras.
Jesus. CouldCareLess.
God. Bothered.
Lost. Sucked.
Coitus. Uninterruptus.
Equal. Protectionandrightsunderthelaw.
Love. Wins.


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    Kathryn Jean Lopez: Cookie. Monster.

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