stand your wombHere is a weird thing: The NRA must actually believe it is bad for people with kids to lock their guns up in a safe, since there is no actual moneygrifting reason for them to oppose laws that tell people with kids to lock their guns up in a safe. Like, it is not like hollow point bullets or whatever, where there is a hollow point bullet manufacturer spreading around a little grease. Maybe the gun safe manufacturers forgot to pay up?

Whatever the reason, the NRA has now come out against bills requiring parents to lock their guns up in a safe, and it is all like, PFFFT DUMMY, how is your four-year-old gonna save your family from Intruderz if they cannot even get to your Glock, HENGHHH?

Here is a bill in Michigan that is CLEARLY very stupid, as it requires parents to lock up their guns.

Senate Bill 268, introduced by State Senator Martha Scott (D-2), would undermine a citizen’s right to self-defense by imposing onerous storage requirements on Michigan gun owners, rendering firearms useless in self-defense situations.

SB 268 would require households with children to store their guns in locked boxes with trigger locks installed. A violation would be punishable as a misdemeanor offense if a juvenile gains access to the firearm.

The bill has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee but has not been scheduled for a hearing.

Please contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and let them know this bill is not only unnecessary, it is dangerous.

You hear that, Michigan lege? The NRA says it is dangerous to lock up your guns.

We are pretty sure you do not need a litany of children saving their families from gun murders, as that is just basic common sense that it probably totally happens all the time, maybe.


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