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Megyn Kelly, U Mad? Oh Yeah, She Maaaaaaaad

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We’ve been wondering what Megyn Kelly would have to say about Erick Erickson unaccountably getting the whole shaft for an entire panel’s worth of dickmouth about female breadwinners yesterday. Megyn Kelly is not stupid, nor is she a shrinking violet. While all the Fox “Democrat” ladies weighed in by last night, we were looking forward to Ol’ Megs. Does she disappoint? Nope. Feminazi nutbuster MEAN LADY.

Of course, she starts in dulcet tones, but then she gets all f’in shrill just because Erick Erickson is an unrepentant idiot.

Then she calls him a racist, pretty much.

Chicks, man. It is like you can not even blame them for the dissolution of an entire civilization without them getting their panties all in a wad.


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  • Joseph

    Megyn Kelly has certainly taken a chuck out his ass. Be still my heart.