waiter could we get a bag of dicks for this fine fellow?

Hey, Has Anybody Else Been As Stupid As This Guy Yet?

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The unseen fellow asking Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick whether the Boston Massacre was a “false flag” operation so TSA agents can “put their hands down [his] pants” is apparently Dan Bidondi, a “correspondent” for Alex Jones’s Infowars. Bully for them! Great job, fucking idiots!

Because obviously the government did Boston so they can snatch everyone’s pipe bombs, which, of course, you can pry from Alex Jones’s cold dead hands.

While we’re on the subject of cold dead hands, I think we’ve had about enough of the adorable “I was only wishing maiming and violence on them with votes,” don’t you? And anybody who takes that as a challenge to their precious freedoms, or whines about it in any way whatsoever, or tries to get clever about it, or tries to back-door it, can get the fuck out. Do not test mama today.


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