Oh this is cute. Fox News sort of Democrat person Kirsten Powers tries to tell Sean Hannity he is “insane” for being mad that the Obama daughters went on vacation. “That’s insane?” he asks. “No, that’s MY money. Arglebargle WHITE HOUSE TOUUUUUUURSSSSSS.” He also jumps all over Dumb Stupid Jerk Joe Biden for going to “luxurious” South Carolina for golfs. On a weekend. BENGHALFZIIIIIIII!!!1!

So, listen. As charter members of the Perpetual Outrage Society, we get that you have to be mad about something, and we are sorry it is a slow news week. But maybe, instead of “we pay for Obama girls’ Secret Service” and “Joe Biden didn’t stay in his underground lair on a long weekend” could take a back seat to something that actually matters, like “Obama heard a preacher say ‘right-wing.'”


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