HOT SCOOPS!  12:00 pm April 1, 2013

Oh No, Conservatives In Epic Twit-Fight Against Common Frauder Sarah Palin, And It Is All The Fault Of Your Wonket

by Rebecca Schoenkopf

mama needs a new pair of louboutinsWe are sorry, conservatives, that you are all mad at Sarah Palin for spending 95 percent of her SarahPAC muneez on grifty consultants and “shipping and handling” and “overhead.” We are sorry, because we are the ones who pointed this out, which means we will be subpoenaed to testify in the doubtless totally amicable divorce. (Thanks for the hat tip, Daily Beast! Oh, right, you didn’t. Oh well, must have forgot.) Anyway, how mad are the conservatives at Sarah Palin? Oh, just very!

They are all like, “Sarah Palin should be thrown in jail for fraud” and “Stop buying whore shoes with our muneez.”

The proper response to these unhappy conservatives’ gentle murmurs, of course, is WHY ARE YOU A COMMUNIST? And also GO GAY MARRY BARACK OBAMA, KENYAN.

We are very sorry for our part in this nasty breakup, and promise to always do it again.

[Mediaite, via PoliticalGates]

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