That is so weird how they didn't use this pictureSarahPAC has a shiny new ad out about blah blah blah Sarah Palin is the warmest kindest most generous most important rogue the world has ever known, she and only she is in charge of deciding which lunatics will join the United States Senate, please send muneez. This is hilarious, because SarahPAC spent more than twice as much on consultants in the 2012 election cycle as it did on candidates. (Candidates received less than $300k of the $5 mill SarahPAC grifted from the doubtless aged and infirm.) You guys, that buys SO MUCH NORDSTROM.

Anyway, here, have a video. It’s stupid, but at least it ends with a bear-shaped Sarah Palin yapping like usual.

You guys, we are honest to for real gonna do a superpac any ol’ time now, and we will skim less than half off the top for “postage” and “travel.” Send money.

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