the very definition of not racist

Last May, we brought you the news that the schoolchildren of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, were the luckiest schoolchildren in the whole wide world, because their school psychologist, Mark A. Traina, was tweeting awesome stuff about how black children should be “put down like dogs,” and also that he is not a racist. Well apparently the Internet has just come to Louisiana, because Mark A. Traina, or as we like to think of him “Postracial Amercia Exhibit A,” has climbed out of his bourbon barrel and has a question for your Wonket:

Unfortunately, we are just a libturd.

But does Mark A. Traina, “civil rights activist,” have any other thoughts he’d like to share with the world? Let us go to his website,! There, in the “About Us” section where Traina explains that he is a “civil rights activist,” he ends with this:

A+ Civil Rights Activism, Mark Traina! Would do … fuck it.

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