We promise not to overdo it with grumpy cat, 'k?Former South Carolina GOP executive director and weinermailer Todd Kincannon is doing his part to Support The Troops, if by “support” you mean “wish violent death to.”

But it’s totally OK in this instance, since Kincannon only wishes bullets to be sent to explode the skull of one particular subset of The Troops, Mike Prysner, who is an Iraq War veteran and anti-war activist, and therefore a Bad American who thinks wrong thoughts. We’ll confess that we’d never heard of Mike Prysner before, although we were familiar with Mr. Kincannon’s oeuvre, which includes a masterful twitter thought about how Trayvon Martin would have inevitably have grown up to “suck dick for drug money.”

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs discovered over the weekend that Kincannon had some similarly elevated thoughts about Prysner:

At least it was not a dick pic

But let’s put this in context! LGF doesn’t say what set Kincannon off, but a look at his timeline — which Johnson notes is “a non-stop stream of sexism, racism, and ugly hate speech” — makes it clear that Prysner totally deserves to have his brains splattered all over the trunk of a Lincoln Continental. Not merely because Todd Kincannon has some serious J.G. Ballard-style kinks going on, but also because Prysner said extremely provocative things that Kincannon disagreed with!

See? Provocation

Again with the cocksucking, eh? Kincannon, whose own record of military service appears to consist of being really happy to send Americans to go die in some wars, didn’t link to any particular “insults” against American policemen perpetrated by Prysner, but we suppose it might have been these two tweets, which are so filled with hatred and vitriol that, sure, Kincannon’s death fantasies seem only reasonable:

totally worth killing someone for

We’re trying to remember what kind of political system it is where people face death if they say bad things about the Police, but we can’t remember the name for that kind of state.

[LGF / Twitter ]

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