BookPocalypse Now!Mark your colanders, Wonkers, because the inaugural online meeting of our awesome little book club will be tomorrow (Tuesday 3/5/13) at Noon EDT. We’ll be discussing Andy Carvin’s Distant Witness: Social Media, the Arab Spring and a Journalism Revolution; our book review will go up at about 11:45, and then author Andy Carvin will join us for a live discussion of his book from noon to 1 EST.

As an unabashed NPR fanboy, Yr. Doktor Zoom was initially a little worried about going all Chris Farley for this event — “Hey, remember how you said social media is revolutionizing journalism and stuff? That was really awesome!” — but in an email sent while we were scheduling this thing, Mr. Carvin suggested “One good way to mask it – ask me tough-ass questions. I can take it.” Sounds like a challenge to us, so no softball questions, OK? (Also, Eeeeee! We totally got email from NPR’s Andy Carvin!!!)

Here is something we would call a FAQ for this, if anyone actually asked these questions frequently:

  • Do I need any special software to see the chat? No, the actual chatting part will occur in the Sekrit Wonket Chatcave; we will scan your comments on the blog post for awesome questions, pose them to Andy, and then copypaste the conversation into the post, livebloog style.
  • Do I have to be here at noon eastern to see this thing? You will have to be here during the chat to ask a question, but the chat will be copied into a the book review / blog post, so you can see it later.
  • Do I have to have bought / read the book to participate? You really have never attended a book club meeting, have you! What are we going to do, tell your valuable ad-scanning eyeballs to go away?
  • I only go to book club meetings for the cookies. Will refreshments be served? What you eat and drink at your own computer is your business alone.
  • Do I have to wear pants? Why should Tuesday be any different from usual?

Also, since it’s a pretty quick read, here are linkies if you want to grab the e-book right nao (and in fact, since the text contains a lot of links to online content, e-book may be the better format for this book):

Also, too, we should let you insatiably text-oriented maniacs know that our second book selection will be Denis Kitchen and Michael Schumacher’s Al Capp: A Life to the Contrary, a biography of the great cartoonist / satirist whose L’il Abner comic strip started as populist satire, eventually veered into right-wing screamy stuff in the Nixon years, and paved the way for later artists like Walt Kelly, Garry Trudeau, and Berke Breathed. Do we have kickback-generating linkies? We most certainly do!

Hardcover: $16.66

Kindle e-book: $13.43

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