Bob Woodward, Angel of DeathWhen the honest to God actual journalists at TMZ (seriously; have they ever been wrong about anything?) ran into Hero of American Journamalism Bob Woodward, they had some important questions at the ready, like “why are you the worst writer in the universe,” and “how come you constantly lie?” and “how’s your court-mandated remedial journalism school going?” Oh wait, they did not ask those things, but that is okay, because instead they asked whether Robert Redford’s portrayal of him had led to Woodward’s getting so much trim.

The Woodward-ambushing is here, but we will not embed their nightmare player, you are welcome.

Anyway, hey Bob Woodward did you sex up all the ladies after Robert Redford made you look like a dashing muckraking reporter instead of a stodgy, stuffy, starched shirt that even Ben Bradlee never believed? (And also made you look like Robert Redford?)

“You have no idea how many women I disappointed,” Woodward replied.

Gross, Bob Woodward. You are gross.

The end.


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