Oh dear, whom is Democratic Congressman (and MOOSLIM NEVAR FORGET!!!1!) Keith Ellison calling a low-life scumbag today? None other than Scumbaggitty. Civility! To the fainting couch! Someone alert Jon Stewart, the tone has become Untoward! Above, you’ll find TalkingPointsMemo’s supercut of the interview, where right out the gate, with a delighted smile on his face, Ellison starts in with the Insults and the Gloves Slapped to Cheek. Next thing you know, he will be challenging him to a duel!

Meanwhile, Hannity parries with Lies, Untruths and Balderdash, first trying the old “I didn’t hear you insult me to my face, what?” to which Ellison correctly responds YOU LIE. Then Hannity claims he is not a Republican — “I am a registered Conservative, sir!” — to which Ellison again correctly responds YOU LIE.

Hannity follows up by asking why the African American congressman is “so angry?” He is really angry! Watch out, next thing you know he will be holding the door open for old white ladies while wishing them good morning, that is how angry he is!

Later, Hannity asks “is it immoral to, is it immoral …” and Ellison helpfully explains “YOU are immoral.” Which was fine, although we would have gone with the classic “Your MOM was immoral LAST NIGHT.”

And then they end on a friendly note:

Hannity: I tried to give you a fair shot.
Ellison: No you didn’t.

And that is your Morning Nice Time! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


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