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Rand Paul Outraged That Low-Flow Toilets Can’t Handle His Monster Dumps

Remember Ron Reagan, pooh-poohing (see what we did there?) George H.W. Bush? “My dad shits bigger than him,” he announced, which has led to our wondering for over 20 (30?) years if he meant his dad’s poos were bigger than an entire man, which sounds painful, or if his poos were just bigger than George H.W. Bush’s poos, which does not sound like that much of an accomplishment. Of course you remember this, you are very old.

Well, Rand Paul would like you to know that he also makes giant piles of excrement, because he of manliness we guess, and then he goes on like a one million hour “rant” (if you can rant while also putting people to sleep) about why should there be choice in abortion if Rand Paul does not have choice in the matter of energy-saving toilets? ALSO TOO LIGHT BULBS ALSO TOO! ENERGY SAVING LIGHTBULBS ARE TYRANNY!

Rand Paul makes an excellent point, as always, of course: Why does the gummint remove my choice to live in a house with exposed wiring? If I choose to take that risk to save money, I should be able to! And why does it remove my choice to eat e. Coli and Carl’s Jr.’s choice to serve it to me? And why does it remove BP’s choice to dump the entire contents of the earth’s innards into the Gulf of Mexico? And why does it remove black people’s choice to not get served by white restaurateurs? THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT IS GENOCIDE!

Freedom to flush sounds like an excellent platform for Rand Paul’s coming presidential bid. Flush, flush away!


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