shut your mouth woman, the men are businessingSome yammering feminazis are opening their shrill faceholes — which would look so much prettier with some dicks in them, are we right fellas? — about waaaah Florida’s new business logo is sexist waaah. It’s a man in a tie! says one hairy-legged hippie. Women don’t wear ties! says another one, who’s probably a lesbo. Why does Florida assume that it’s only men who do business, says a third bra-burning harpie.

The state of Florida is learning the hard way that $380,000 can buy a lot of controversy.

That’s how much the state paid to come up with its first branding logo designed to attract new business — only to be met with accusations that the logo is sexist.

NEEDLE-SCRATCH. The state of Florida paid how much for their stupid logo?

So you are telling us it takes $380,000 for some fucking art director to be like, “the kerning is off” and “WE MUST have a sans serif font” and “it needs 15 percent more cyan” and “what if we made it look like a tie?”

Thank you, art directors. Thank you “branding companies.” Thank you, shrill harpies, for bringing this flabbergasting nonsense to light.

Florida, next time you need a logo, may we recommend our ex-boyfriend/art director? We pay him in sushi dinners and letting him see us naked.


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