HISTORY'S GREATEST MONSTER  3:40 pm February 5, 2013

Internet’s Stupidest Man Cannot Believe The Nerve On This Obama, Yelling At All The Cameramen Like That

by Rebecca Schoenkopf

then he eated themJim Hoft had to work pretty hard to reclaim his crown as The Stupidest Man on the Internet. But he did, so that long national nightmare was over. He’s got a doozy of a scoop today, as History’s Greatest Monster Barack Nobummer “berates” these poor defenseless cameramen. You probably want to see what it looks like when Spock loses his cool, right? Us too! Let us go to the tape!

God, he IS one of those raging angry black men, isn’t he? I bet he went straight from that press briefing to holding a door open for little old white ladies.


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