and that's why they call it 'junk'

Republican Who Tweeted About Trayvon Martin As A Drug-Addled Gay Hustler Would Like To Show You His Penis

It seems to be contagiousThis morning we learned about Todd Kincannon, a sensitive former executive director of the South Carolina GOP. We learned that he loves to say on Twitter that Travyon Martin deserved to be put down like a rabid dog, and also that if he had grown up (which of course he did not) he would have sucked penises for drug money. Is that a racisms about African Americans that we simply had not heard before? Or was Todd Kincannon wishfully thinking?

Rightwing blogger Brooks Bayne, attempting unsuccessfully to clean up the perv log in his party’s own eye (THE BIBLE), took the (engaged) Kincannon to task last October for sexting his cock to young ladies he did not know.

You know who was unhappy about Bayne’s attempts to clean up the conservapervs? Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy, of course, because every minute Brooks Bayne is going after Todd Kincannon is a minute he is not making fun of Gabrielle Giffords for having brain damage, we guess.

Anyway, Kincannon’s penis (HINT: IT IS A PICTURE OF HIS PENIS, SO BEFORE YOU COMPLAIN TO US, IT IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK) is … not our favorite. It is not as stumpy and scarring as Brett Favre’s rancid junk, but it is not the kind of cock we would like to show up on our telephone, or hitting us in the face, or ever, actually.

Todd Kincannon’s penis is small, and ugly, and by all means, you should go look at it. Todd Kincannon wants you to.


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