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Tagg Romney Now To Maybe Run For Ann Romney’s Senate Seat: Full Eyes Clear Hearts Can’t Lose

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This is not Tagg RomneySee that man? Of course you see that man, every night in your nightmares, where he lives. WELL THAT MAN IS NOT TAGG ROMNEY. It is his brother, Snurr. But since it was our runner-up Gif Of The Year (That We Stole From Buzzfeed), it will illustrate all Tagg Romney posts, because fuck it.

So right, as of 2:20 Eastern time, Tagg Romney is possibly considering running for John Kerry’s senate seat, because Ann Romney probably is still not leaving her room. This could make for “fun”!

Any of the following individually would probably doom Tagg’s chances in Massachusetts, particularly since he could be facing Democratic powerhouse (at least in your Editrix’s mother’s heart) Ed Markey.

So, yeah. Tagg should definitely choose “yes” on running for the United States Senate.


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