Pictured: Liberal reporterA liberal fraud was pushed on you this evening, friends. A dirty untruth, pushed upon you in a sinister plot to take away your weapons. Several news outlets — including your vaunted Washington Postpublished a photograph of the handwritten notes former Rep. Gabby Giffords read from at a gun-control hearing this afternoon.

The lie? Giffords is not the one who wrote the notes. She can’t write up her own notes? What, is her brain not working right or something?

Don’t worry, Michelle Malkin was on the case, and, in the spirit of her, we will use her tweets to tell our tale!

See? Stop feeling sorry for Giffords. She didn’t write the note — her therapist did, because Giffords cannot write anymore, because her brain fell out of her head in a Phoenix parking lot. That is not sympathetic at all!

It’s part of the liberal agenda, man. It has nothing to do with laziness, or that the photo was an easy blog post for quick traffic. If it isn’t conservative media, it must be liberal media, and every error is a deception.

Fight the man! They are trying to tell us Gabby wrote a note, but she did not write a note. This is important. Every other politician and activist personally writes down every syllable they read in public.

There’s a valid point in there somewhere, but is it really an error perpetrated by a gullible press eager to believe the libs if the truth is way more sympathetic? She didn’t write the note because she is literally incapable of writing.

Just check out her signature from a few years ago:
And compare it to her signature now:
At least she got that farStill, though, it is very important to figure out who wrote what, to cut through the liberal lies making people think Giffords is capable of using her hands. Thank goodness that’s settled, and that we did not have to think about anything important.

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