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New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez Really Should Not Be Sexing Under-Age Prostitutes

by Rebecca Schoenkopf

How is it even possible that this guy has to pay for it?New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez (D-Bada Bing!) got in a spot of bother about three minutes before election day last November, when it was revealed he was boning Dominican sex workers in big piles of orgy, with his buddy, some skeezy eye doctor or something.

New Jersey, as it happens, did not care. Nor did your Wonkette — consenting adults, etc. — except for how he DID NOT PAY HIS HOOKERS. NOT COOL, MENENDEZ. But it seems some of the prostitutes who engaged in said piles of orgy may not have been consenting adults. And this is a problem.

We don’t know if he is supposed to film himself with all future prostitutes showing two forms of ID, with their grandmothers, R. Kelly-style.

But we do know that when you are having an orgy pile, and you are a United States Senator — even if you are out of the country! — you should really try your best not to fuck children.

The more you know!


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