We are guessing you want to buy this movie nowOriginal Mens Rights Activist Phyllis Schlafly, that grand old thing, has some thoughts on women in combat. She is against it. She is against it for all your standard Phyllis Schlafly reasons, but adds in one extra, just to keep things spicy: Men will not be able to stop themselves from the temptation of raping and sexually harrassing the delicate womyn flowers — some women will trick them into it by not being ugly — and then the men will be accused of sexual harrassment and rape! How is that even fair? Why are the women not accused of the sexual harrassment and rape of themselves? What is our world even coming to??? It is like she went to sleep one day and woke up in Starship Troopers!! BUT WITH RAPE!!!

Now, this is not the first time La Schlafly has asserted that women rape themselves, and since she isn’t dead yet it won’t be the last. But let us read her thoughts, together.

Blah blah Schlafly Schlafly Schlafly. Oh, here it is.

Military women are already complaining about increased sexual assaults, and of course those problems will skyrocket. Only men will be deemed at fault because it is feminist ideology that men are innately batterers and women are victims.

Women, stop raping yourselves! With your seductive wiles! Anyway, there’s also this:

Of course, [Leon] Panetta doesn’t want to be grilled about his order. It’s lacking in common sense and it is toadying to the feminist officers who yearn to be 3- and 4-star generals based on the feminist dogma of gender interchangeability and on their desire to force men into situations to be commanded by feminists.

It’s true. That is why we have a whip.

[HumanEvents, via RawStory]

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