Happy Christmas War Is Over

Romney Advisor Wants Free Gay Abortions For Everyone!

And there's nothing nicer than FluttershyOh, golly, this is exciting! Some guy named Dave Kochel, one of Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign advisors, said on an Iowa TV politics show, “frankly, the culture wars are kind of over and Republicans largely lost.” Whoohoo! Performance art and free abortions for everybody!

Kochel and former RNC chair (and known homosexual) Ken Mehlman co-organized an Iowa event promoting marriage equality, and suggests that the 2012 election shows that voters — especially young voters — are simply not motivated very strongly by culture-war issues like gay marriage or abortion.

AmericaBlog’s John Aravosis thinks that Kochel has it only half right:

I’d argue that it goes even further than that: Young people care quite a lot about gay rights and women’s right and the environment, and they agree with Democrats on the issues.

Kochel also suggested that the GOP might actually do well to eliminate one of its most mockable rhetorical turns:

“If we’re the party of freedom and liberty, then we should be for personal freedom and individual liberty — and that extends to marriage.”

Unclear if he’d actually extend that personal freedom to include abortion, but at the very least, he’s sounding a bit like the sane part of the Libertarian platform here; no doubt he’s just moments away from some bugfuck insanity about how eliminating income taxes and letting people die if they can’t afford medical care is also all about freedom, too. Mainly, though, Kochel suggests that all that culture war stuff may be past its sell-by date for much of the GOP:

“You also hear a lot of conversation off the record, people talking about how they’d like to move on past some of these old fights we’ve been having and can’t talk about it.”

Now, if the GOP could just find a way to convince their primary voters that culture war issues aren’t winners. We imagine that Dave “RINO” Kochel is not planning on signing up with the Santorum 2016 campaign.

It might be a little premature to demobilize the 43rd Radical Feminist Shock Troop Brigade just yet.


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