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Peggy Noonan: How Is Wimpy Self-Pitying Richard Milhous Obama Bullying The Nation Today?

by Rebecca Schoenkopf

Sock it ... to me?In the misty days and bestarryed eves that pile one upon the other until a bevy of swooping larks of the nation’s citoyens fly as one for the gravied pomp and gloried circumstance of an Inauguration, a President must love. He must love John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell, with the lion’s heart in which a lamb could safely nestle, of Love and Bigness. Also, here are the things Barack Obama is doing that annoy Peggy Noonan, in order.

  • Having an inauguration.
  • Which should be unifying.
  • But he was mean to John Boehner.
  • Which means he hates half the country.
  • Even though only a quarter of the country approves of John Boehner.
  • Because Obama said Republicans are holding the economy hostage.
  • And are suspicious of Social Security.
  • And feeding children.
  • Even though they said that.
  • And he pointed out that they call him a socialist.
  • As if anyone would ever do such a thing!
  • Which makes him paranoid, like Richard Nixon.

  • He won’t negotiate on the debt ceiling.
  • So it will be his fault when they don’t vote to raise the debt ceiling.
  • Because he said the country should pay its bills.
  • Why wouldn’t he negotiate on that?
  • He said the GOP would block gun control legislation.
  • When they are only going to impeach him over it.
  • Why does Barack Obama have to accuse people of doing stuff they say they are going to do?
  • He has gray hair now.
  • Because he is trying to be the country’s daddy.
  • Instead of an annoying genius that everybody hates.
  • And he is only studying the effects of violent video games.
  • But he should do more about it.
  • Instead he is focusing on guns or something.
  • Even though Peggy Noonan has no problem with that.
  • He is not being enough like Richard Nixon.


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