Deadspin Channels the ZeitgeistThere’s really not much more we can add, unless maybe it’s this observation by GQ editor Freddie Campion: “You know you’re having a good week when this is only the second best thing you’ve published in less than 24 hours.”

Oh, what, you want context? OK, sure, context. (Short version: Inspirational Notre Dame linbacker Manti Te’o won a football game shortly after his grandmother and his girlfriend tragically died within 24 hours of each other, except, as Deadspin revealed, the “girlfriend” never actually existed.)

There’s plenty of other stuff out there about all this, but beyond praising the shining crystalline brilliance of this tweet, we shall not look at any of it since we are a mommyblog, not a sportsblog. If we start thinking about this story’s implications for reality, especially when combined with the existence of human beings who apparently believe that the Newtown shootings were a hoax, we start worrying that the Holodeck program in which we live is starting to develop some disturbing bugs. Don’t be too surprised if you start seeing gridlines underneath everything, is all we’re saying.

[Twitter / GQ]

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