THAT SAVED A WRETCH LIKE ME  1:28 pm January 17, 2013

GOP Schedules Plantation Fun-Times For Minority Outreach

by Rebecca Schoenkopf

Happy slavey fun times yay!Thank you Robert Costa, of the National Review Online, for making our morning. “Source shows me sched, shakes head: ’10:15 am, Friday, Burwell Plantation, Coalitions-Discussion on Successful Comms w/ Minorities & Women.’” So that makes TWO Republicans who realize there could be a problem with “optics” when the GOP holds a panel on “successful communications” with minorities, at a plantation. Congratulations Robert Costa and “source”! Here, if you would care to peruse it, is a kooky list of the Burwells’ slaves. But we feel like the organizers of the GOP retreat at Williamsburg, which includes this happy-fun-time field trip, might have missed some opportunities?

NOPE. This is where a list of other incredibly thoughtful and smart “outreaches” the GOP could make to other groups would go, if anything could possibly be smarter than having a panel on communicating with minorities at a former plantation.

You have bested us, GOP. Better luck to us next time!

UPDATE: Meh, the panel is being held in a ROOM called Burwell Plantation, not at the plantation itself. You’re GOLDEN, GOP. YOU’RE FINE. That is TOTALLY FINE, sure why not.


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