This is so nice, you guys! The D-Triple-C has made a lovely video for the GOPs wishing them joy, and happiness, and above all of this they wish them lo-o-o-ove.

But who did the DCCC miss in their “Kumbaya” video of Republicans coming together as one? The Republican women. They forgot to include the Republican women offering to “cut out the tongue” of any Republican opining on rape. Or the Republican women trying in vain to explain (on the plain, in the USS Maine) that no, they actually had to vote to reauthorize VAWA. They forgot Sarah Palin also too, we are pretty sure she talked some smack about RINOs or something, we forget already, who cares.

Have fun at your Williamsburg retreat, Republicans! It would be so great if it were Brooklyn instead of Virginia, but then you wouldn’t get to pretend you are three centuries in the past, as per your fondest dreams.


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