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NRA: Why Does Uppity Obama Refuse To Let Sasha And Malia Die From Guns Like Regular American Children?

Here is the latest super smart and with-it ad from the NRA, who are obviously geniuses of social intelligence. We are fairly shocked that in their jeremiad against the president’s having Secret Service protection for his daughters, they did not actually feature pictures of said daughters, and, say, “surveyor’s marks.” (Watch closely for a cameo by David Gregory as a member of the uppity blah ‘lite.) But what do other people think of this dumb fucking thing?

Well, Joe and Mika do not care for it, because of how they are communist muslins.But why does Barack Obama want your children to die from not having armed guards? Is it because he hates white people? PROBABLY. And why might Barack Obama need Secret Service protection for his children? For the answer, we turn to the twitter stream of “Yes, You’re Racist.”


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