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It’s Cool, Everybody, Gun Nut Says He Won’t Have To Kill Us All ‘Yet’

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You may have seen this guy yesterday on Raw Story, yelling about how he was gonna start shooting people if Obama kept on being Obama (Hitler, obvs), except he kept taking his video down. Well, luckily, now he has a second video. It is very reassuring! In it, he says he does not condone aggravated assaults and murders unless they are necessary, and they are not necessary “yet.” Hooray!

This fella, James Yeager, just looks like a good and very sane citizen who should definitely have all the automatic weapons he desires. After all, he teaches “tactical” stuff for the people of Tennessee and doubtless knows all the important rules of gun safety, like do not ever aim a weapon you’re not willing to fire, and do not ever murder anybody until you really, really want to.

We wonder where he would fit in Wayne LaPierre’s proposed registry of national mental health? Surely, below the guy who said blacks could have stopped slavery if they’d had guns, but above Wayne LaPierre?


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