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Fox’s Megyn Kelly Accidentally Commits Journalism About Guns

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“Blah blah blah Hitler or something executive orders are only okay if you are a Republican INPEACH,” says Jay Sekulow, who heads Pat Robertson’s pathetic conservative fake law outfit. But then Megyn Kelly does something weird: she is all “nuh uh.”

Thank you for your transcript, sinister far left outlet Media Matters:

KELLY: Jay, let me start with you on this. The research that we’ve looked at suggests that he’s got some leeway to curtail some gun rights by executive order if he so chooses. What say you on it?

SEKULOW: I don’t think so.


SEKULOW: The Second Amendment rights have been pretty clear and I think the idea that you can utilize an executive order to implement restrictions on that right not through a legislative process, by just executive fiat, I don’t think that’s going to work constitutionally. So I think that would be a very difficult challenge. It’s different if you have legislation passed by Congress that could somehow regulate this and then the White House would simply, you know, issue regulations off them. Here there’s no regulation…

KELLY: Wait, wait, let me jump in, let me jump in. That may be the difference that we’re talking about because I looked back. The research suggested that when George H. W. Bush was president back in 1989, he used executive order to ban the import of assault weapons using his powers under the Gun Control Act of 1968 that stipulated that legal rifles had to be suitable for sporting purposes. So he did it that way using this 1968 gun control act law. But, you know, it begs the question, could Barack Obama do the same thing?

We would suggest she update her Linked-In, but Rupert Murdoch does not like guns either, so she will probably not get fired just yet.

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