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Your Rockin’ Wonkin’ New Year’s Eve Playlist

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It is New Year’s Eve, which means you will be putting all kinds of pressure on yourself to have an AMAZING TIME, and if you’re single, this pressure to have an AMAZING TIME will be accompanied by extra pressure to meet a PERFECT SOMEONE. This is very silly, but in the event that this is your vibe, we have a perfect mix for you. And also too, if you are just having a quiet evening at home with loved ones, we will include some songs that you can enjoy as well. Behold, the official Wonkette New Year’s Eve Playlist, with tunes from Dorothy Ashby, Chris Clark, Rosemary Clooney, Benito Moré, Charles Sheffield, and more!

First, some cocktail-oriented tunes for you to enjoy while you get ready to go out, or alternatively, while you get ready to have a pleasant night in:

Benito Moré’s “Bonito y Sabroso,” which you will probably already know if one or more or your parents are Cuban.

Rosemary Clooney and “Mambo Italiano.” We think she sounds drunk off her ass on this recording and we LOVE it.

Charles Sheffield thinks that you have your “Voodoo Working.”

Sponsored Intermission

Dorothy Ashby’s rendering of “By the Time I Get to Phoenix.”

And if you are going to go out and make party, here are some selections that will help you in this endeavor…

“Prisencolinensinainciusol”–yes, that is what this song is called. And yes, these crazy Italians are serious about this and it is AMAZING.

And because we’re down with amazing songs that feature a lot of nonsensical syllables, here is the “Boo Boo Song.”

The original version of “Tainted Love”…

Oh baby you got what I need!

And if you were hoping to meet Someone Special but you come home alone, indulge your loneliness while taking in of the best breakup songs ever– “Love’s Gone Bad.”

If you DID meet (or are already spending the evening with) that Special Someone, enjoy his or her company while listening to Wanda Jackson tell you about the funnel of love…

Enjoy the evening and drive safe! Or better yet, don’t drive at all!

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