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Presenting Wonket’s Gifs Of The Year That We Stole From Buzzfeed, Duh

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don't turn off the lights AIYEEEEEE! WE ARE SO SCARED! ROMNEYSPAWN, RUN AWAY! On the flipside, our other gif of the year, which is happy-happy and will soothe your terrors away.
This particular jif of beauty came about during an otherwise OUTRAGING debate, which almost broke your editrix, as David Gregory and Scott Brown teamed up to browbeat, harangue, and otherwise dogpile on Professor Senatrix-elect Elizabeth Warren.

What we are seeing is Elizabeth Warren trying and failing not to laugh her ass off at Scott Brown’s answer to the question “Who is your model Supreme Court justice?” Brown delayed answering for about five seconds (unable to think of any, certainly) before coming up with the worst possible answer short of whoever decided Dred Scott: rodent-eating space slug Antonin Scalia. Then he said Kennedy. Then Roberts. Then Sotomayor, Diana Ross, Judge Dredd and Judge Reinhold.

all of them katie

Do not let Scott Brown near our Senate, Massachusettserians. That’s a fucker needs a scalping.

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