Tucker Carlson, media magnateThere are not enough pixels in the universe to reproduce every stupid watermelon email sent out by a GOP official, or even every racisty thing spewed by NRO. So we shall have to limit our examination of the Year In Racial Transcendence to just those sage comments espoused by the not at all spittle-flecked ranters at Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller. Join us, on the other side!

No trudge through the fetid bowels of the wingnutosphere would be complete without a look at the ouevre of boy reporter Matt Boyle, who peened such classics as “Michelle Obama Was Black At Harvard,” “Barack Obama Is A New Black Panther,” and “WHAT, The DNC Is Registering Black People To Vote???”

But there was ever so much more!

They also freaked the fuck out that Susan Rice once said that American students should learn black history.

And then Tucker Carlson almost pooed himself because President Afrika Bambaataa talked real super-duper black.

Also, they wrote so much bizarre stuff about Trayvon Martin that even Joe Scarborough called them warped and twisted and sick and disgusting, but they did find one Stand Your Ground victim they could get behind. (Hint: she was white.)

But the crowning achievement in holy shit racism by Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller was this explanation of how some sad clump of dumb no longer feels guilty about hating black people, because an unknown person of unknown color stole his bicycle.

Pulitzers and white sheets for everyone!

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