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Kentucky Man With Obama Eating Watermelon Statue: It Seemed Like It Might Get Hungry

by Rebecca Schoenkopf

you're the real racistDanny Hafley’s Kentucky neighbors all agree: there is nothing racist about the giant statue of President Barack Obama, of the Kenyan Obamas, eating a big ol’ fat slice o’ watermelon at the side of the road, plus also too FREEDOM OF SPEECH. But what was Hafley’s purpose in displaying that big ol’ fat slice o’ watermelon-eatin’ darkie man?

When asked the reason behind the watermelon, Hafley responded that he thought the figure “might get hungry standing out here.”

That sounds very whatever the opposite of disingenuous is! We are sure that is what Mister Hafley means and believes!

Luckily for Hafley, all his neighbors but one obviously stupid person totally agree with him that there is nothing wrong with his clever display:

While several neighbors didn’t find anything wrong with the life-sized doll and said Hafley had the right to display it, one anonymous neighbor felt others would find it racist.

“If he wants to place it someplace else that would be fine,” said the neighbor. “We don’t have black people in this community but I’m sure they travel this road like everybody else does. They could be offended. I don’t agree with it.”

That person is obviously a communist.


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