guns don't kill people the NRA does

Study: You Are Not Actually Bruce Willis, It Turns Out!

Did you know that movies aren’t real, and that it is very hard to act like Bruce Willis and shoot bad guys and toss off snarky quips all casual-like and not get killed in the process?

As it turns out, shooting bad guys isn’t as easy as we have been led to believe! It is apparently even hard to shoot bad guys when you are the son of an NRA president and you are attempting to hit a moving vehicle while cruising comfortably down the George Washington Memorial Parkway. That is so weird, it is almost like when you arm regular people with guns and they get really mad, then they start trying to shoot everyone all the time. Huh.

Anyway, the last time we had a major shooting at a school (or was it the time before? There are so many, it’s hard to keep track) ABC news did a little experiment: they gave firearm training to six young, healthy people, some of whom already had hundreds of hours experience shooting guns, and then had someone burst into the room and pretend to start “executing” people by firing paint-filled plastic bullets at everyone. And guess what? In spite of A WHOLE SIX OR SEVEN HOURS OF HANDGUN TRAINING NOT ONE OF THEM “KILLED” THE FAKE SHOOTER. One of them got the gun out of the holster but then it got stuck in his shirt. Another one fired off a couple rounds but from a completely exposed position and was “shot” about six times. We know, we know, it is a total surprise that the average person does not magically turn into Sarah Conner when faced with a chaotic and potentially life-threatening situation.

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