Hey Tim Graham of the Media Research Center writing in Newsbusters, how are you contributing to the education and enlightenment of the Internet today? “Tasteless: In Newtown Aftermath, WashPost Cites So-called ‘Saturday Night Massacre’ in First Sentence of Bork Obit.” Hold on … can’t type … WaPo can’t say the name that a thing is called by, because … well, because the Media Research Center says so.

Edumacate us, Mr. Graham:

Here’s a sign of how much The Washington Post can never get the Nixon-hating DNA out of its reporting. In a front-page obituary on Thursday on former federal judge and rejected Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork, the Post’s Al Kamen and Matt Schudel begin: “Robert H. Bork, the conservative jurist who fired Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox during the ‘Saturday Night Massacre’ in 1973,” and yada yada, “enduring schism” over failed nomination to the High Court.

In the immediate aftermath of a real massacre, couldn’t the Post back off its ancient ideological hissy fits and acknowledge that firing a special prosecutor — and the resignation of several officials who didn’t want to do the firing — is not comparable to Adam Lanza mowing down first-graders? Could there be a one-week grace period on overheated Watergate metaphors? Apparently not. When liberal justices die, do they discuss the actual “massacre” of American abortion they legalized?

Tim Graham is laying down some epistemology on ya! Or maybe some linguistics! Or maybe he is just laying down a steaming dump of WAAAH.

Graham goes on to get really MAD that Justice William Brennan’s obit didn’t have “liberal” in the headline, and that it also didn’t mention abortion, but Bork’s obit talked about how we was borked because he didn’t believe a right to privacy existed in the Constitution. (He was also a crazy person who “believed poll taxes were constitutional but the Civil Rights Act was not.” If you haven’t yet read the New Yorker’s gentle murmurs on Robert Bork’s passing, please avail yourself now.)

In other news, Arlo Guthrie better shut the fuck up about Alice’s Restaurant, because littering is NOT a “massacrey,” matter how much it makes that fake Indian cry.


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