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New York Times Cory Booker Takedown Just Got A Lot More Embarrassing For The New York Times

attack of the clownsOver the weekend, we told you about a New York Times hit piece on Tall Column of Chocolate Love Cory Booker, and how reporter Kate Zernike did not seem to be doing herself any favors by ending it with a steaming dump of DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? Now, thanks to HuffPo, we are almost in awe of Zernike and her proud cuntiness. Let’s review: She said WAAH there is still poverty in Newark! She said HISS Cory Booker raised taxes while also cutting spending! She said BLARGLE Cory Booker spends all his time in New York hobnobbing with Richard Branson instead of in his community! So. About that.

Here is how Zernike ended her journalism:

He invited a reporter to see the system in action. He then called to apologize that he could not be there: “I’m in and out of New York all day.”

Instead, his staff demonstrated the system. Mr. Booker was on his way to host a reading at a bookstore on the Upper West Side, filmed by CNN. He then spoke at a benefit at Cipriani and attended a movie premiere at Google’s New York headquarters. Afterward, he announced on Twitter, “I sat on a panel with Richard Branson.”

Don’t freak, but it seems Kate Zernike might have been leaving something out?

The Upper West Side reading — covered by C-SPAN, not CNN — was for a book on teen homelessness that he wrote the forward to and which features a Newark youth. Booker said he and Kevin Ryan, the book’s author, have raised more than $200,000 for non-profit charity Covenant House “and have leveraged the book to raise awareness and action on a too often overlooked issue.”

What about that doubtless glittering Cipriani gala, which probably had lobsters stuffed with caviar to feed all the unhinging alien jaws of the Real Housewives of New York City, right?

The Cipriani benefit was for children’s charity K.I.D.S. (Kids In Distressed Situations). “They were giving an award to Newark Now, a nonprofit I founded, and have raised over $150,000 worth of clothes and toys for deserving Newark kids and families during the winter and holiday season,” Booker said, noting that such aid is especially needed following Hurricane Sandy.

But what about the movie premiere, where Cory Booker starfucked Richard Branson till he couldn’t sit down?

The “movie premiere” at Google’s New York headquarters was for “Breaking the Taboo,” a film about the failed drug war. Zernike quoted only the first part of Booker’s tweet, which read: “Sat on a panel with @RichardBranson last night for the premiere of this film about the failure of the war on drugs.“

What does Kate Zernike have to say for herself, HuffPo?

In an email, Zernike said the article explained why Booker was in New York City and is “not sure why including the name of the book (for the reading) or the group (for the benefit) or the film and panel (for the premiere) would have added much context.”

Let’s play the Kate Zernike Game! “@CoryBooker: In the Dominican section, delivering antibiotics for kids with strep throat! DM me!”

Kate Zernike: “Cory Booker went to the Dominican Republic with a baggie full of drugs.”

Also, yeah, Newark led the nation in reducing crime under Booker, and its fire response time is under the national average. Zernike manages to present those both as bad things.


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    1. HRH_Maddie

      Doesn't really matter, I'm sure a large segment of the population still drops the N-bomb when they see him.

    1. BaldarTFlagass

      My father is quite a misanthropist, and throughout my childhood and youth he told me repeatedly that "95% of the people in this world are assholes."
      Now that I'm getting older, I have to say that sometimes I think he was being generous.

  1. Gayer_Than_Thou

    "@CoryBooker: Missed city council meeting — just saved widow and 19 orphans from burning building!"

    KZ: Booker skips city council meeting to attend neighborhood BBQ.

      1. harry_palmer

        Thanks for the warm wishes! I still drop by to check up on you and the rest of my beloved Wonketeers.

  2. freakishlywrong

    Next thing Kate Zernike will suggest is that Cory Booker hurl himself at assault rifle toting zealots shooting at children. Think of the children!

  3. Joshua Norton

    Kate Zernike did not seem to be doing herself any favors by ending it with a steaming dump of DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?

    The snarkyness of that comment cured my bad mood and resurrected my neighbor's dead pomeranian.

  4. Loch_Nessosaur

    So, I take it Cory Booker turned down Kate Zernike for a night of hot monkey sex at some time in the past.

  5. dr_giraud

    One simply DOES NOT inconvenience the paper of record. Or, in the case of Zernike's poisoned scribbles, the incomplete record.

  6. SayItWithWookies

    Ms. Zernike would've reported that Mayor Booker was helping at-risk youth and other charitable causes, but she was too busy researching whether his birth certificate was real or not.

  7. Mojopo

    So… when she gets her period and catches a ride to the store for pads, what she really means is that she left her residence with assistance, due to uncontrolled bleeding.

  8. UnholyMoses

    Ahhh … journalism at the NYT. A once-proud paper now filled with empty talking heads and reporters who help start wars and can't tell the difference between context and cuntiness.*

    (*Except for Krugthulu, who kicks ass.)

    1. Callyson

      And Gail Collins, the funny columnist who made damn sure no one forgot about Mittens' strapping the dog on the top of the car. Nick Kristof and Gretchen Morgenson are good too. And…

      …um, no, that's about it…

  9. LesBontemps

    [Newark's] fire response time is under the national average

    Because Cory Booker is already there rescuing people from burning buildings and putting out the fires with his mighty stream of pee.

    1. Tundra Grifter

      "Despite a flagging economy and a five-year decline in the popularity of golf, Trump is certain the investments aren't a risk."

      This from a guy who couldn't make a casino turn a profit. Twice.

      "This is even with the millions his company must invest in the links to get them up to Trump-level standards."

      Load them up with debt, spend millions changing the name on everything to "Trump," and line up some "investors" to take all the risk and none of the profits.

  10. hagajim

    So cunty cunt, fucks up story and makes the Times look like it employs lazy cunty cunts who are trying very hard to sell a nonsense story. Why doesn't this bitch work for the Post or the WSJ?

  11. LesBontemps

    Your comment must be approved by the site admins before it will appear publicly.

    I seem to get this message anytime I mention Newark's mayor by name — even commenting on a piece about Newark's mayor. Shit's fucked up and shit.

    1. SorosBot

      Hey, I just got it too! Wondering if the auto-filters have a problem with Cor-y or Book-er.

      EDIT: But now it's gone through after just a minute or two, so that seems to be working better anyway.

      1. LesBontemps

        So you're saying the auto-filter merely r*tarded its appearance?

        (I tried spelling it out and my commented got auto-deleted. Natch.)

      1. commiegirl99

        Nah, guys, for WHO KNOWS WHAT REASON "Booker" was in the auto filter. I saw your WAAAH comments and investigated, and FIXED IT LIKE A BOSS!

  12. SorosBot

    So wait, a journalist for the fuckin' New York Times doesn't understand the concept of context? Um, OK…

  13. HRH_Maddie

    Her journalistic integrity and flare for editing makes her an ideal candidate for her own show on Fox News.

  14. Chet Kincaid_

    OK, I take back my comment on the weekend Wonkette post (as if anyone cares). However, I still think Booker ought to leave Newark in better shape before thinking about running for higher office, and how his constituents feel about life in Newark is more important than how many bloggers want to fuck him.

    1. LesBontemps

      Be that as it may, the NJ Dems still need a gubernatorial candidate for 2013 who could actually take on Christie and/or a Senate candidate for 2014, should 90-year-old Frank Lautenberg finally decide to retire.

    2. Goonemeritus

      I agree he has much more work to do and I would be delighted if he stayed in his role until a whole generation of future leaders was trained. But you have to give him credit for an amazing start after all just slowing the decline of Newark was a Herculean feat. And for the record I definitely don’t want to sleep with him.

        1. Redgyal

          Not all of us are given a copy of the handbook at birth. Some of us develop ideas outside of the stereotype.

        2. Goonemeritus

          Yeah the Newark city council thing was a mess. I think like FDR, Lincoln and LaGuardia some shortcuts for the sake of progress are rightly seen as anti-democratic. The kissing up to the financial industry is just politics here. You will never see anyone in Iowa talking shit about corn.

          1. Chet Kincaid_

            Fair points. I just looked back at an article about the private equity flap in the Atlantic:

            Wall Street money is a necessary evil for Democrats, I get that. And the full quote doesn't seem like he went out of his way to defend Wall Street. What he was actually doing was commiserating with a Democratic Wall Street guy on the panel whose feelings had been hurt, and going along with this tiresome and naive notion that negative campaigning is bad, which is just Democratic Unilateral Disarmament. Even Obama had a lot of faith in that silliness before the Tea Party started spitting on him for 4 years running. And as many of us have said here, Wall Street guys need to enjoy their money and quit being such fucking babies about a couple of months of "demonization" — particularly in light of the unrelenting bullshit Obama has to endure.

          2. Goonemeritus

            I know right, you could call me every name in the book if you paid me 100 million a year. I just think we rarely support the people in our Party trying the hardest until they have been in the ground a decade or so. For this reason I truck no hand ringing about our good President, I am thankful for progress in the direction of right.

  15. Beowoof

    Dean Baquet, Jayson Blair on line 1 for you, he said he would be happy to come back and join Kate in making shit up for NYT.

  16. Chow Yun Flat

    “not sure why including the name of the book (for the reading) or the group (for the benefit) or the film and panel (for the premiere) would have added much context.”


    Not sure why doing some actual reporting instead of whining about getting stood up by Booker would have improved my story.

    1. PsycWench

      After all, identifying the book George Bush was reading during 9/11 as "My Pet Goat" didn't really change anything.

  17. chicken_thief

    She forgot to mention that he trespassed onto the property of burning building so he could kidnap some *victims*.

  18. SorosBot

    Zernike is upset after the lame message she got after calling the dreamy Mayor Cory Booker's hotline; just "Hi, you've reached the Cory hot-line. $4.95 a minute. Here are some words that rhyme with Corey: Gory. Story. Allegory. Montessori…'

  19. Rebootably_Joe

    In an email, Zernike said the article explained why Booker was in New York City and is “not sure why including the name of the book (for the reading) or the group (for the benefit) or the film and panel (for the premiere) would have added much context.”

    "Besides," she continued, "what about Benghazi???"

  20. sewollef

    Isn't journalism what happens when you ask the What, Where, When, Why and How, before inserting your own fucked-up prejudices?

    Well, it was when I worked for the national press in the UK. Must've changed.

  21. spends2much

    Context? Who needs context? Whether one goes to work in a soup kitchen or to strangle a hobo, it's all just a weekend in New York to Katie. Solid journalisming, honey.

  22. bureaucrap

    Presumably Ms Zernike is in the tank for Hillary 2016 and is doing some gratuitous strategic preemptive mudslinging. Hillary says "thanks!!!!". Not going to venture a guess whether this means that NYT is also in the tank for Hillary 2016.

  23. not that Dewey

    Corey Booker didn't do everything, therefore he may as well do nothing. That's the theme of the week, right?

  24. Edith_Prickly

    Kate is just following the time-honored tradition of female NYT writers meow-hissing at attractive male pols who aren't interested in, er, pounding their beat. MoDo still hasn't gotten over it that Bill Clinton never wanted to fact-check her quotes either.

  25. DahBoner

    “I sat on a panel with Richard Branson.”

    Yeah, so?

    Not as impressive as the supermodel who sat on Richard Branson topless…

  26. Biel_ze_Bubba

    I will withhold judgement on the NYT until I see what misery they inflict on this piss-poor excuse for a journalist. Demotion to third-string coverage of the gossip page would be nice. Dismissal, so she can go work for Murdoch (who is more likely to value her talent for balancy-ness, fairy-ness, and truthiness.)

  27. Benny

    "But what about the movie premiere, where Cory Booker starfucked Richard Branson till he couldn’t sit down?"

    I fucking love Wonkette,seriously.


  28. christianmuslin

    The worse part is the NYTimes wants me to pay them if I want to read more than 5 of their crappy articles per month. The Wonkette, on the other hand, oh please, please, please don't make me pay if I want to read more than 5 articles per month. I would need to find a second job!

  29. OneYieldRegular

    I predict that the "Zernicke" – the deliberate omission of key contextual material in order to sharpen a hit piece – will become a staple in the lexicon of journalism.

  30. jethrotoll

    “@CoryBooker: At a Hurricane Sandy benefit”

    Kate Zernike: “Cory Booker drinks a 40 on the beach.”

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