This is Nancy Pelosi, mom, grandma, Armani model, and once the most powerful woman in the nation. And here she is, flappin’ her gums about blah blah blah middle class blah blah blah who cares? Well, at some point during this period of time, when she is distinctly not making anyone a sandwich, Texas idiot and Ponzi Scheme lover Pete Sessions apparently laughs at her, because “gentleman.” And does Nancy Pelosi apologize as she should have, for being so ridiculous and also a member of Congress, in fact the leader of one of the two parties? She does not. She gets “snippy” with him.

Here is Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, explaining how Nancy Pelosi got “snippy” with Sessions, in the aptly titled “Nancy Pelosi Gets Snippy With GOP Rep During House Floor Speech.”

The moment occurred after Rep. Pelosi claimed that Congress would “abandon efforts to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy,” as Charlie Spiering puts it.

“Pelosi framed the debate in terms of a ‘middle income tax cut’ asserting that two-thirds of the House would vote in favor of the idea,” he adds.

That’s when someone in the House audibly chuckled.

“Do I detect your smirk to mean that you don’t think Republicans will vote for middle income tax cuts Mr. Sessions?” an irritated Pelosi snapped.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Nancy Pelosi actually had “snapped” at him, instead of just glaring for a moment and then continuing on in her well-modulated, unshrill voice? Wouldn’t it be great if some women members occasionally got up and hollered and shrieked and bitched and cried and went straight PMS crack mom I will pull this car over so help me God?

Yes it would. Shut the fuck up, The Blaze.


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