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Wingnuts Simply Do Not Care For Nancy Pelosi Answering Back To A Man

This is Nancy Pelosi, mom, grandma, Armani model, and once the most powerful woman in the nation. And here she is, flappin’ her gums about blah blah blah middle class blah blah blah who cares? Well, at some point during this period of time, when she is distinctly not making anyone a sandwich, Texas idiot and Ponzi Scheme lover Pete Sessions apparently laughs at her, because “gentleman.” And does Nancy Pelosi apologize as she should have, for being so ridiculous and also a member of Congress, in fact the leader of one of the two parties? She does not. She gets “snippy” with him.

Here is Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, explaining how Nancy Pelosi got “snippy” with Sessions, in the aptly titled “Nancy Pelosi Gets Snippy With GOP Rep During House Floor Speech.”

The moment occurred after Rep. Pelosi claimed that Congress would “abandon efforts to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy,” as Charlie Spiering puts it.

“Pelosi framed the debate in terms of a ‘middle income tax cut’ asserting that two-thirds of the House would vote in favor of the idea,” he adds.

That’s when someone in the House audibly chuckled.

“Do I detect your smirk to mean that you don’t think Republicans will vote for middle income tax cuts Mr. Sessions?” an irritated Pelosi snapped.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Nancy Pelosi actually had “snapped” at him, instead of just glaring for a moment and then continuing on in her well-modulated, unshrill voice? Wouldn’t it be great if some women members occasionally got up and hollered and shrieked and bitched and cried and went straight PMS crack mom I will pull this car over so help me God?

Yes it would. Shut the fuck up, The Blaze.


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  1. BaldarTFlagass

    It would have probably been a more effective tactic for her to just walk over there and kick him square in the nuts. Bet that would have gone viral on the netz.

  2. Lizzietish81

    don't forget, its impossible for Republicans to be undisciplined and disrespectful, while that's all the Democrats ever are.

  3. spends2much

    Isn't it about time the GOP introduced legislation forbidding women from talking back? Also, black guys. The Pelosi-Obama Bill, better known as Menopause-Uppity to the Republicans.

    1. Spider-Jerk

      And as the Michigan legislature is best used as a reverse barometer for determining What Is A Good Idea, that means this was fairly awesome.

    1. ButthurtWingers2012

      You'd like to think that…but really the chuckle didn't specifically come from Sessions but instead it came from whichever Kochtopus member who shoves his hand up Sessions butt to make him speak who chuckled because come on….like the Koch brothers would ever want ANYONE but themselves to receive a tax cut.

  4. Lot_49

    Didn't there used to be a tradition that members don't address each other by name, but rather as "the gentleman from Texas"? And didn't there also used to be a tradition that all remarks were addressed to the speaker, rather than directly to another member? And weren't these traditions borrowed from the Mother of Parliaments, over their in Good Britain? And can't you read about this in Trollope's lesser novel The Way We Live Now, in which a railroad-building plutocrat gets elected and tramples on all these great traditions?

    Maybe they've let all that go, along with the idea of actual "debate," in the sense of listening to each others' arguments. Oh well…you gotta fill those hours on CSPAN somehow.

    1. MosesInvests

      Supposedly an actual exchange from the Mother of Parliaments:
      "The right honourable gentleman has the manners of a pig."
      -"Boo! Retract!"
      "I retract that last. The right honourable gentleman *hasn't* the manners of a pig."

    1. the_deliverator

      Yes! I hereby submit that all Nancy stories get the flaming eye gif! It makes my day every time i see it.

  5. Lizzietish81

    It would have been funnier though if she had asked him if he had anything he would like to share with the rest of the House and stared at him until he explained himself or apologized.

    1. Gayer_Than_Thou

      You underestimate Republicans' ability to bloviate endlessly about nothing, and overestimate their sense of shame. But as Nancy Pelosi slash fiction, it kind of works.

  6. hagajim

    Appalling and disgraceful…yeah that pretty much covers Pete Sessions. Besides, he was smirking because the Republicans have no respect for women. I think they've made that abundantly clear.

  7. Blueb4sinrise

    Sorry, what now? Wasn't listening . Clicked the Sports Illustrated link on Friday's Hot Chicks instead.

  8. Ruhe

    No doubt Beck's audience at "The Blaze" found this to be a very tasty morsel, a delectable little hate-snack if you will. No matter how fat they get they can always enjoy another bite of this sort of dish.

  9. noodlesalad

    Haw haw responsible government.
    Haw haw middle class.
    Haw haw ladies talking.

    Fuck these guys, forever, with votes, please.

  10. jakegittes

    I think Beck should apologize, send her a pajamagram and a $5.00 gift certificate to be utilized on whatever Nancy's little old heart desires from The Blaze marketplace. She just might find something she likes on the Emergency Preparedness page. Like maybe the Family Survival Emergency Seed Bank – For a Flourishing 1.5 Acre Garden for $79.99.

    1. BaldarTFlagass

      I hope you just made that up about the Seed Bank, and that you did not actually go and look at that site.

      1. jakegittes

        Mea culpa. Mea culpa. I looked at the site. I also found a really good deal on a Stations of the Cross set. $249.99. Everybody should get one. Under penalty of death.

  11. Naked_Bunny

    Wouldn’t it be great if some women members occasionally got up and hollered and shrieked and bitched and cried and went straight PMS crack mom

    Then they'd be stealing from Glenn Beck.

    1. docterry6973

      So true. Has Beck been doing as much crying on-air lately? It is a rhetorical question; in truth I'd be happier knowing less about Beck.

  12. BaldarTFlagass

    “Do I detect your smirk to mean that you don’t think Republicans will vote for middle income tax cuts Mr. Sessions?”

    "I don't expect you to 'detect,' Ms Pelosi. I expect you to die!!!"

      1. docterry6973

        Right now I would go with Gohmert as dumbest, but to be fair that is only based on what he says and does.

  13. Toomush_Infer

    There's only one thing Democrats in the House should be saying: "Where's your fucking proposals, assholes?"….over and over again….freeing up the middle class tax thing, in my mind, is just bad business – you know they have to do this, anyway, or not bother coming back in January….But Nancy does wear a big pair – I'm remembering when she handed the giant gavel to Boehner, because his was so little….

  14. glasspusher

    OT but it looks like Assad is going to have to open up an ophthalmology practice in Russia pretty soon, the NYT reports.

      1. Bezoar

        I bet the Russians did it; or at least, supplied the means. If the Israelis wanted him dead, wouldn't they have just shot him? Nothing for them in making it look like a natural event, right?

  15. freakishlywrong

    Oh and Boner, this is called "governing". Please take note. (I fucking love me some Nancy Pelosi).

  16. DahBoner

    When you pass a nutter with a FIRE PELOSI bumpersticker, what they mean is build a fire beneath her and burn her because she's a WITCH…

      1. Mumbletypeg

        We had those read to us too although I recall the sisters less vividly — but the above image I linked? Yeah, the brothers-three seemed to have extra rich-sensory stories and images to their tales.
        I can still taste the bonbons and cookies-grown-on trees (from my imagination) as we read about their adventures with that princess and the horse~

  17. Texan_Bulldog

    Nancy should have hauled little Pete over her knee & given him the spanking he deserves. God knows she could have beat his ass clean off with one finely crafted Italian leather pump.

  18. TootsStansbury

    I hope I have the patience to make it to 2014 when we can boot these crazy motherfuckers out. They're wrecking the place.

  19. fatbob54

    71 comments and no one has commented about how little "Peter" Sessions is? I have to be the one to go there? Fine… [insert tiny genitalia joke here]

  20. SayItWithWookies

    Well Pete Sessions is head of the National Republican Congressional Committee, which means he just presided over a loss of seats in the House, he just got divorced last year, and he's about as slimy as a frightened lamprey — so I'd say it's the final snicker of a soon-to-be-extinct corrupt teabagger. It makes it much easier to excuse such behavior when it's just the nervous laughter of the doomed.

  21. JustPixelz

    Hey this is a fun game!

    Senator John McCain got snippy with Barack Obama over Susan Rice

    Governor Rick Perry got snippy with patriotic Americans by saying Texas may secede

    Representative Michele Bachmann got snippy with sane people by saying the State Department was being run by the Muslim Brotherhood.

    1. PugglesRule

      This is starting to sound like an Elmore Leonard screenplay. Get Snippy, starring Snippy the Wonder Puggle.

  22. JustPixelz

    I perused the comments in blaze world. Those people are not nice. We may have a mean thing or two to say, but they take themselves so seriously:

    Nancy you doddering old b*tch go change your diaper.

    We can’t get rid of the Communists till we defraud our elections.

    What a freakin idiot Polosi is! She looks like some spastic ol bag on drugs and don’t make a lick of sense.

    I kinda like the last one, except I'd replace "Pelosi" with "Limbaugh".

  23. SuspectedDemocrat

    The Blaze… isn't that the nutty Glen Beck site all about selling gold for Agenda 22 or whatever the fuck they're paranoid about?

    I like my Wonkette in the morning. It angries up the blood!

  24. Isyaignert

    When Nancy Pelosi was the Speaker, Congress' approval rating was in the 40s; now that the 'cons have been in charge of the House for a while, it's near single digits.

    Let's reinstate Nancy Pelosi as Speaker in 2014.

  25. lulzmonger

    It's a natural reflex with these parasites – they can't stand anyone who actually works for their taxpayer-sponsored paycheck.

    Soon as she stops doing anything meaningful, she'll be "One Of The Guys."

  26. fatbob54

    "What a freakin idiot Polosi is! She looks like some spastic ol bag on drugs and don’t make a lick of sense."

    Who among us hasn't had the sense to lick an old bag of drugs when times were tough?

  27. mosaickmind

    For me, "snippy" is taking finely honed scissors, delicately opening the scrotum, extracting the testicles and precisely stuffing them into the heckler's mouth.

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