Never give up, never surrenderInventor of Facebook George Takei went where no man should have to go: The Trump Tower Grill at the Trump Tower in New Trump City on the planet Trearth — the greatest and classiest of all the planets! He went to this place with Donald Trump.

There, they dined on stuff that is rotten, probably, while Mr. Takei used his infinite charm to persuade the benighted Trump to stop being a gross dick about gay people. (Presumably, he didn’t try to get Trump to stop being a gross dick about “the blacks,” because George Takei is not actually a wizard.)

Anyhoo, the BIGGEST YOOGEST CLASSIEST news is that Donald Trump went to a gay wedding and thought it was “beautiful,” and also he so yearns to have Hollywood liberals like George Takei think he is the greatest, classiest guy, so probably he will love gay marriage now.

Congratulations, gays, you just got the approval of Donald Trump for your wedding present maybe! Looks like someone went off-registry.

[Towleroad, via WisconsinGazette]

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