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Millionaire Joe Scarborough Class Wars ‘Rich People’

"Class" warfareWonketteers, did you know that the country is full of rich people with mansions and jets? And that these people are far richer than most Americans are or ever will be? Joe Scarborough knows a little something about wealth inequality — not because HE’s wealthy, but because he’s seen OTHER PEOPLE hoard vast quantities of wealth, and thinks — get this — it’s morally wrong.

Spokesmodel Mika Brzezinski gets the ball rolling, asking something about “tax rates today, those who are impacting taxes [sic] are contrived in some way.”

Was that a question? Apparently it was, because Morning Joe, wearing his most Serious looking spectacles this morning, explains why these concerns are NOT contrived. It is because in the ’90s, lowering taxes on capital gains was probably the “right” thing to do to stimulate growth, but now, it’s looking like it was NOT probably the right thing to do. Joe Scarborough doesn’t know anything about income inequality PERSONALLY, of course, since he lives such a humble existence on his $4 million per year salary.

He only knows this because he’s been to Manhattan and seen the vast sums of wealth other people — not him, of course, but other people — have accumulated, and that they live in mansions with private jets. Can they deal with a 20% tax rate on capital gains, these other people who are not Joe Scarborough, who have mansions and have jets? Yes, they can, and the economy won’t collapse.

See, Joe Scarborough wants everyone to make $250,000 per year because he is a capitalist. Obama says this is “rich”; Joe is not so sure. But whatever, Joe loves success, and he says, there’s something immoral MIKA, SHUT UP I’M TALKING, about rich people paying so little in taxes when small business owners are struggling on $250,000 a year in Manhattan and pay a 35% tax rate.

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