Dr. Jill and Vice President Joe Biden host Thanksgiving dinnerDumb Joe Biden, what have you done now!!! Keith Koffler, of White House Dossier, is here to tell us in the excellent journalistic scoop “’Middle Class Joe’ Takes Thanksgiving on Nantucket.”

Vice President Biden, who thinks of himself as middle class and self-identifies with average Americans, embarked Tuesday for the exclusive resort island of Nantucket, where he and his family spend Thanksgiving every year.

Oh shit, son, you got PWNED!

But is there more? Sure, why not. In fact, here is the whole thing so you don’t have to hurt your clicky finger:

According to Nantucket’s Inquirer and Mirror, it’s the 36th straight year the Biden clan has celebrated the holiday on the island.

Biden used to journey by boat from Hyannis – the ritzy island enclave where President Obama vacations during summer – to Nantucket for Turkey Day, the newspaper reports. But as vice president he descends from the clouds at taxpayer expense aboard Air Force Two.

Biden, who along with his wife Jill earned $379,000 in 2011, proclaimed himself in a speech this past July to be a member of the middle class:

For middle class folks like me and most of you, owning a home is maybe the single most consequential element of our existence to be able to provide for our families.

Biden was employed by the Obama 2012 campaign as kind of an ambassador to the working class, presented as an “average Joe” from Scranton, Pennsylvania who says what’s on his mind.

Well, it’s no “Michelle Obama wears CLOTHES” or “Michelle Obama’s mother gets free food and electricity and HER LAUNDRY DONE by taxpayers!” but we suppose it will have to do. FOR SHAME OLD HANDSOME JOE BIDEN. For FUCKING SHAME.

[WhiteHouseDossier, via Drudge, of course]

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