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Bill O’Reilly Is Very Peeved That People Found His Racist Rant Racist

So, Mr. O’Reilly here is really cheesed at You People for calling him a racist. All he did was point out that Barack Obama was reelected by a bunch of poor nonwhite people who want productive white Americans to give them All The Things, and then people started calling him bad names. Like “racist,” which is certainly a new one for Bill O’Reilly that he has never been called before! But look, children, Mitt Romney came out just a week after the election and said pretty much the same things himself, as Mr. O’Reilly points out. It’s just the truth! Nobody called Romney a racist (sure they did! Really! More than once!), but Romney also didn’t actually come out and say “White America is over, man.” He just implied it, like.

Let us parse Billo’s thinking here: 20% of people who voted make under $30,000, and a lot of them receive “entitlements.” 63% of them voted for Barry Bamz, which was his margin of victory! And so, people who like getting free stuff won that man the election. What’s racist about that?

We would just like to take a brief moment here to wave goodbye forever to the meaning of “entitlement” as it was traditionally understood in American Political Discourse. Back in the olden days (roughly the 1970s), it was a fairly neutral term that simply meant, as one commenter at Language Log put it,

a program with a fixed set of rules to qualify for benefits, so that actual expenditure depends on changes in the number of people who qualify (or in the cost of the benefit, where it is in kind rather than cash) as opposed to decisions made in the annual budget process.

Thanks to Fox News and Mitt Romney, “entitlement” now apparently means “Welfare for bad people who suck the life out of productive Americans.” Never mind that virtually all Americans receive gummint benefits, even as they think they don’t and complain about lazy welfare people. As Nicholas Kristoff put it so brilliantly a while back,

We manifestly do have a problem with people who see themselves as victims even as they benefit from loopholes in the tax code.

One is running for president.

Ahem. So anyway, the simple truth for Bill O’Reilly is that bad lazy people getting gummint benefits are hurting the good hardworking people who get gummint benefits but totally DESERVE them to the point that they are actually earning them. There is nothing wrong with noting that a whole bunch of these bad gummint beneficiaries are kind of brownish, because that’s simply a matter of demographic reality. And it’s “vile” and a “disgrace” to suggest that O’Reilly has a skewed worldview, as the Washington Post did… in a couple of sentences of an editorial that was mainly about Mitt Romney. Let’s keep in mind who the real victim is, here. It’s Billo. It’s always Billo.

In any case, it is very important to point out that only lazy people want free stuff. This is why no promise of FREE STUFF in big bright letters has ever moved a product or gotten someone onto a mailing list or bilked anyone out of their life savings.

[FoxNews via a tip from KidZoom–thanks, you! / WaPo / Newshounds]

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  1. LastGasp

    O’Reilly has a skewed worldview, alright. In fact, I'd say he and his pampered white-bread pals are really skewed.

  2. BlueStateLibel

    It's not as if Irish-Americans ever voted to get good things like jobs or government contracts, right Bill? See Tammany Hall, et al.

          1. starfanglednut

            Things are pretty good. My sweetie is home now, and getting a little better every day. How are you? What are you cooking for Thanksgiving?(short circuits keyboard with drool)

          2. Weedlord BonerHitler

            So glad to hear that. Kiss the top of his head for me. Poor little guy, what a trauma. I'm exhausted and in pain after a brutal PT session (the sonofabitch sympathized with my pain and suffering and then said, "You know we're gonna do this again, right?" I coulda smacked him).

            Cassoulet with white beans, garlic sausage, thyme, tomatoes, pancetta, and breadcrumbs for a crunchy topping. Super winter food. Wish you were here, I'd fix you up a bowl. But since you can't have me to cook for you, I hope you're feeding yourself well this holiday and staying warm and toasty. Love you!

    1. Chichikovovich

      You might also say that it would be nice too see some of his Bill – irubin on the floor.
      But like me, you're the non-violent, peaceful type and probably wouldn't
      But, you could. Just saying.

      1. Weedlord BonerHitler

        See, I was thinking that, but too much of a wuss to say it.

        Hello, dear Chich, long time no see! Hopefully you're with the family for Thanksgiving, even if it is the American and not the Canadian version?

        1. Chichikovovich

          Hey WB – time to open yourself to the dark side!

          Yep, with the whole family, it's very wonderful. Hope it's a terrific time for you too.

      1. Weedlord BonerHitler

        I suspect, other than a vast reservoir of snark, Jon is basically a Nice Person. I don't think it would ever occur to him to be anything but nice and polite and reasonable to most people. Well-larding that attitude with deserved snark, of course. Much like the folks here.

      2. shelwood46

        Jon worked as a bartender for years before becoming a full-time comedian. A bartender in Jersey, to boot. He is familiar with how to handle drunken louts.

  3. Goonemeritus

    Promising conservatives people all the government they want (strong military, transportation security… etcetera) without taxes is totally different because freedumb.

  4. iburl

    Things: equal pay, college loans, voting rights

    Not Things: Yachts, Private Jets, Tons of money to suppress recordings of employee sexual harassment.

  5. SexySmurf

    You know that dude with the dollar sign jacket who used to scream like he was on crack about how the gub'mint would give you free money if you bought his book. Do you think he voted for Obama?

    1. BenGleck

      Hey, I've read comments (on Yahoo) that use the n-word AND say they are not a racist in the same sentence!

    1. CommieDad

      Ahh, another good Spokanite (person from my home town). Where having sex with (underage) men doesn't make you gay. Where proper police response to a mentally ill homeless man in a convenience store is to tazzer him to death.

      Thank-god for the west side, as we freedom-loving east-siders get so much more from the state govm't than we give.

      At least we voted for legalizing the chronic.

  6. mbobier

    Billo is right; it's not a traditional America anymore — you know, like the one where there were signs in the windows of businesses saying "No Dogs or Irish." THAT traditional America, Mr. O'Reilly, is indeed gone, and you ought to be pretty dang glad about that.

    1. BadKitty904

      What's most laughable, to me, about all this Wingtard whining is that they pretty much just don't like being treated – ignored, marginalized, etc. – like a minority.

      Funny how that works, no?

    2. BlueStateLibel

      After every group that comes to the U.S.and gets melted into the pot, they always want to slam the door on the newcomers.

  7. mbobier

    Gee, all Billo is doing is pointing out that Brown votes shouldn't count the way White ones do. To be specific, they should only count 3/5ths as much.

  8. Nibbler of Niblonia

    Browns and poors vote for democrats because handouts

    Fundies and Richies vote for republicans because freedom

    can't splain that

    1. editor

      ho, what a nailbiter / buttclencher …

      first 7 or so minutes: poors voted for obama, because they're poors, and he actually seemed to care about poors. no fair. because, really, what the american people genuinely care about is libya. instead, some voters seemed to vote for what affects them directly. this is most likely wrong. those who make less than 30,000 dollars per year (hello, fellow americans!) maybe ought not to have their votes counted. at least not as fully as the richer.

      but then, at around 8 minutes (after some deranged ranting), some sense? yes, the white establishment no longer wins elections!

      ooooh, lost it only a few seconds later! u.s. turning into europe! bad! vile!

      this footage made me very tired. so glad i do not have to watch this tosser for a living.

  9. BadKitty904

    Why would anyone listen to this guy? What has he ever accomplished? Do his opinions have some kinda value above the norm?

    And when did being a dick become a profession?

    1. Angry_Marmot

      At least since the days of Joe Pyne, and Walter Winchell before him… but the size of the audience today has made it a very lucrative profession.

  10. snowpointsecret

    Bill O'Reilly is secretly training a legion of gun-loving racists that cuss at everyone they don't like.

    They're called teenage Call of Duty players.

  11. SorosBot

    "This is why no promise of FREE STUFF in big bright letters has ever moved a product or gotten someone onto a mailing list or bilked anyone out of their life savings."

    Matthew Lesko, is that you?

  12. el_donaldo

    I clicked on the free stuff link, and all I got was a lousy gif. I demand more for my clicking efforts.

          1. boskolives

            It's just a jump to the left
            And then a step to the right
            With your hands on your hips
            You bring your knees in tight
            Wash, rinse, and repeat as needed

  13. PuckStopsHere

    Why doesn't he finish the job and wear a diaper on the set and sit there for an hour sucking his thumb? Damn, I'm glad we won this thing. Watching these asshats is FUN!

  14. slappy_maxwell

    Damn Mezzicans! Come here to cut our grass, pick our fruits and veggies then expect a handout. I don't care if their food is yummy.

    1. emmelemm

      Just this very morning, saw a bumper sticker reading "Government didn't build my business, I DID!"

      FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCKER. Thanks, that is all.

  15. hillarysleftone

    Thing I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving: Looks pretty clear that these fucktickets are gonna double down, at least in the near term, on such proven successes as trickle down & makers vs takers & dog whistlin' for $$. Shoot I can almost see Mitch fucking McConnell losing in '14, from here.

    Please don't go changin', Billo…

    1. Weedlord BonerHitler

      There's lots of work to be done for 2014. The Republicans are counting, once again, on suppressing voter turnout and are preparing legislative vote suppression efforts for the coming year. It's gonna be a fight. You in?

  16. Come here a minute

    This is disappointing. How could Bill O'Reilly explain that the moochers won Barack Obama the presidential election without pointing out the role of Benghazi?

  17. Chichikovovich

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, as an immigrant and a new citizen, I naturally voted for the free stuff. And I expected, you know, concrete material stuff. Goods and services, that is: food stamp cards that I could barter for cheap liquor, free cell phones, a colonoscopy paid for with rich people's hard earned dollars, etc.

    But instead of that stuff I got a daily dose of massive schadenfreude as the right wingers of the country, one by one, take part in a massive whineathon that as a side benefit reveals their true colors with no PR spinning, tinting or gilding.

    It turned out way better than I had dreamed, is what I'm saying.

    1. TribecaMike

      Bit o' trivia from a proud old Massachusetts mick — there is no evidence that those "No Irish Need Apply" signs actually ever existed before the 20th century.

  18. fawkedifiknow

    Now I realize who Romney was talking about when he described people who think of themselves as merely "victims."

    How does it feel, O'Reilly?

  19. JohnnyQuick

    I always wonder what poopjellies like him and Trump think they would have to say to be "actually" racist. I would think it would be something about Jews, since that is the race they want to promise "free stuff" to (That free stuff? A home in a fine gated community in the Middle East where you've pissed off everyone around you into a murderous rage).

  20. LibertyLover

    Hey! I clicked on the "Sign up for Your Free Stuff" banner and I didn't get nothin' — What's up with that?

    Where's my oil subsidy? Where's my tax break for sending American Jobs overseas? Can I deduct a business expense for my car and my home office? I knew that I could…
    At least Capital Gains tax on my investments are still at that low low price of 15%.

  21. Ground Zero Mostel

    Free stuff? You betcha!
    Dear Santa Obama,

    I've been good. Here's my list:

    public education
    fire fighters
    social security
    low interest student loans
    GI Bill
    oh and health insurance for all and a speedy ceasefire in the middle east*

    What part of the above does O'Reilly not consider "traditional"?

    *Because even Santa can't deliver peace in the middle east.

  22. rebeccavegas

    I make $19,000 a year and I don't get any entitlements like food stamps or housing subsidies. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Weedlord BonerHitler

      Yes, according to Billious O'Reilly. You're not voting for Republicans who will cut your onerous tax burden from, oh, gee, let's see, what's the tax rate when you make the poverty level again?

      1. sullivanst

        Well, 4.2% personal FICA, 6.2% employer FICA contributions, 1.45% Medicare taxes and if you're single with no dependents and a standard deduction, an effective federal income tax rate of a little over 5%, for a total of roughly 17.5%, plus state income taxes.

        I went ahead and assumed a lack of employer-sponsored healthcare and 401k

    2. sullivanst

      According to the wingnuts, you should quit your job and claim your $60k in benefits they're sure everyone gets.

  23. Isyaignert

    If anyone is getting "free stuff" it's the huge corporations. The penny I found in the parking lot while out buying my turkey is more than Boeing, Wells Fargo, GE, DuPont, Verizon, Honeywell, Mattell, et. al., paid in income taxes from 2008-2010 COMBINED.

  24. barto

    So if you get a tax break it's a God-given right, not an entitlement for Chirst's sake. Remember that, libtards.

  25. mavenmaven

    If only True White America had stuck with the 3/5th rule, extended it to Hispanics and excluded Catholics and Jews from full voting rights, well, True America would have been victorious.

  26. docterry6973

    I am sure that the GOP wants Fox to keep talking about the 'end of white America'. That will certainly help their chances in the future.

    The 'funny' part about this is that the GOP wants their party to stop calling everyone else demeaning names. Calling other people names is what the GOP base likes to do best, and the GOP wants them to stop!

    1. Doktor Zoom

      He's not an op-ed writer, he's a very naughty boy, hoggin' the 'puter with his damned Assassin's Creed III.

  27. BZ1

    Bilbous actually having the gall to say about the Washington Post: "You disgrace the journalism industry" and having not the slightest bit of awareness.

  28. gingerland62

    So if you voted for Romney do you not get the free stuff? That would be a huge plus for the deficit problem since the states that voted for Romney are the biggest "taker" states.

  29. Negropolis

    I can't get over an Irish guy, and one who proudly associates with this ancestry, can say this and not get cognitive dissonance. You guys where once nearly Blah, yourself.

  30. Negropolis

    You want to know what else I don't get? This falsely held belief among a lot of conservatives that non-hispanic white people are a minority. They still compromise nearly 64% of the population, how is that them being "over"? And, if they ever allow light-skinned or white hispanics in, that number could actually go up. I know it works to their conspiracy theory-addled minds, but it ain't the truth.

    It's still another 30 or 40 years before they very slightly become the minority, and even then it still assumes the stereotype that all racial and ethnic minorities are organized enough and in tune enough, together, to plot some kind of revenge, which is laughable.

    No, what they really lament is that an conservative, white-and-male-dominated hegemony can't last forever, that the Southern Strategy looks to have ran its course as far as the presidency is concerned.

  31. valmach

    Nope Romney is not a Racist – Just because he was taught for the 45 years of his life that the Blackman was the Devil himself – and that if anyone laid with The Black – they were going to a thousand Chinese Hells!… Nope.. don't believe it for a second..

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