Still Stealing the Country

Obama Steals Election, Again, According to Totally Clear Evidence

that box is full of purple fingersWe’ve been suspicious about possible voter fraud ever since effeminate numbers demon Nate Silver had a vision during his Pagan Rituals of a comfortable Obama reelection. With the weight of those mathematical odds in your favor, you’d almost be forced to resort to stuffing ballot boxes to remain in office.

Good thing there’s an edgy, investigative media group — or Dean Chambers, the guy from Unskewed Polls, anyway — with a passion for journalistic integrity willing to blow the top off this thing! (You would kind of think he’d learned his lesson by now? Nah.)
It’s natural to be uncomfortable with the truth, and we advise against proceeding if you’re not ready to have your mind blown. It ain’t easy to put down the Kool-Aid when you’re thirsty – but if you’re like us, and you want to quench that thirst with something purer, head over to

They aren’t afraid to make daring arguments few others seem willing to touch. For example, why hasn’t anyone else made the case for using vague hearsay to determine truth?

…so the evidence is often quite circumstantial. In fact, often the circumstantial evidence is all the evidence we have…

Look, sometimes finding the kind of evidence that proves a theory beyond reasonable doubt is super hard, and you just have to make a judgment with monumental implications based on some circumstantial stuff. That’s not to say there isn’t any concrete evidence.

…tens of thousands of bogus votes in the ballot box, we didn’t see someone actually put them there, but they are found, they are there, and they are clearly evidence of vote fraud.

Evidences are found, guys. There really isn’t an argument to be made against that. We’re left to fear the worst – the end of Democracy as we know it, eagerly watching this horrifying story develop as the Barack O’Fraudo team works to add a few hundred more words to their page.

Also included is a link to this insightful report, which exposes how the “black Dems” stuffed ballot boxes full of Russian money to rig the 2008 election.


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    1. SorosBot

      Not just jives; it looks like it's by the same guy. And with the same web design sense from the GeoCities era!

    2. sullivanst

      Bah, I've been IntenseDebated.

      It looks very much like this and unskewedpolls are the same people/person – both sites are owned by QStarGroup.

      1. Tundra Grifter

        Or, at the very least, coincidence! Or commonality. Not proof of causation, of course, but this is right wing nutz' "logic."

    3. Abernathy

      Good to see that Dean Chambers is following in the Grand Old Party tradition and forgetting that he admitted he was totally wrong about the election. I guess that's how you "unskew" that lame thing called learning from your mistakes.

  1. nounverb911

    The Teabaggers are just pissed because there aren't old white folks any more to participate in their own ballot stuffing plans.

    1. sullivanst

      That is not the Bill O'Reilly officially sanctioned name for them. They are now "traditional American voters", and anyone who can't see that is a pinhead.

  2. Antispandex

    I used to know these guys, I think, when I was a kid. Every time they lost at a game it was because someone cheated. When they won, it was, of course, due to their great skill at games of all sorts. I had forgotten how much we all hated those pricks.

    1. finallyhappy

      I still know people like that. Now it is more that everything that happens to others is their own fault- anything that happens to them is someone else's fault.

        1. HogeyeGrex

          Sadly, his name is Dean Chambers, and he hasn't the sense to disappear after becoming a laughingstock made of fail. He just comes up with something even stupider to be completely wrong about. He is from USAFUCKYEAH!

          1. sullivanst

            There are enormous profits to be reaped from being a laughingstock made of fail. Just ask Rush Limbaugh.

    1. pdiddycornchips

      I suspect the idea for this site comes from Whitey but the actual execution was done by a fourteen year old Asian nerd who needed a forty dollar bill to buy a used copy of Halo

    1. pdiddycornchips

      Bogus how? Written in Crayon? Were they left over ballots from the Confederacy election of 1864? How were they bogus?

  3. cousinitt

    I, for one, welcome myself as one of the new Demo'rat overlords. Thank you, cousinitt, I am happy to be one of my new overlords. Now, kneel before me for a rousing chorus of "L'Internationale" featuring the cast of Glee.

    Yes, Republicans, it's THAT bad. Suckers.

      1. T3rbo

        ohhhh…italian, not spanish. I was picturing some kind of fried burrito appetizer that everyone can share at chillis, but now I picture a bunch of older sophisticated gray-haired gentlemen eating a barackofraudo and squinting, for some reason

    1. Lascauxcaveman

      Made up shit is made up.

      But we Wonketteers have the guy feel a little better today because a dozen of us tripled his monthly traffic today by clicking on his link.

    2. ButthurtWingers2012

      That pretty well sums up the incessant and constant conspiracy theories trickling out of right wing deranged mayo-stains like this guy. I mean seriously, unskewed guy…it's not possible people voted in a majority for Obama because they like him and furthermore, because they DIDN'T like Romney? Romney is so unlikeable his own 'big' supporters in the party can't wait to kick him the fuck out the door….but nope, Obama cheated, obviously…twice now, with black Democrats each time…fucking mayo-stains….

  4. SmutBoffin

    "Barack O'Fraudo"?

    What does that even…wait it's like Irish because…it doesn't rhyme with 'Obama'/ ends in a 'o'…why….

    Fuck, nvrmd.

  5. memzilla

    "Hey, ignore all that factual evidence that the only proven cases of voter fraud were by Rethuglicans, and listen to our made-up s**t that we totally pulled out of our asses."

    Funny how unprovable claims of ballot-box stuffing that threw the election to the Democrats are almost exactly counterbalanced by unprovable claims by Anonymous that their hacking Karl Rove's ORCA stole the election back from the Rethuglicans.

    1. FeloniousMonk

      "s**t that we totally pulled out of our asses." That's a … novel way of dealing with constipation.

  6. actor212

    Lemme get this straight: Wikileaks publishes some unsubstantiated emails from the Stratfor Group, a right wing foreign affairs think tank, that speculate and gossip on how Obama stole Ohio and Pennsylvania in 2008, and this somehow proves Barack Obama stole the election?

    Nevermind that he kicked McCain's ass anyway?

    1. sullivanst

      Also too, the Stratfor email talked about "when" to release the shocking truth… four years ago. Nobody appears to be interested in questioning why the answer to "when" was any time during the last four years, particularly since they missed their last opportunity to have any influence on an election involving Obama.

  7. SayItWithWookies

    I'm going to my garage and I'm not coming out until I finish building a motor that's powered by whining — the next four years of GOP butthurt should bring Saudi Arabia to its knees and solve our global warming problem.

    1. tihond

      If it could also run off ignorance, we could leave our windows open during the winter because of all the savings.

  8. SorosBot

    The idiots claim Obama won through fraud in Florida, Virginia, Ohio and . . . Pennsylvania. Um, if you want people to buy your lunatic conspiracy theory maybe you should make it just a bit more plausible by not picking a state that was completely in the bag for Obama and Romney never had a chance in hell of winning.

    1. Defeatably_Joe

      Or for that matter not picking states that are all governed by Republicans with Republican elections officials and Secretaries of State. Just sayin', this ain't exactly like when libruls complained about Brother Jeb and Kitty Harris in Florida or Ken Blackpoorly in Ohio.

        1. sullivanst

          Given their overt attempts at suppressing the urban vote, I'd say the Sec. States of both states were very real.

    2. sullivanst

      Apparently the fraud in Virginia is proven by the fact that the last counties to finish tallying were those that voted most heavily for Obama. That couldn't, of course, have anything at all to do that as heavily urban and also "urban" areas, many precincts in those counties had enormously long lines due to systematic underfunding of them.

      I couldn't even be bothered to look anywhere else after that, because I have better things to do, like pick my nose or something.

    3. Baconzgood

      Unrelated to this thread:

      How are you and the MissT doing? I've been outta the loop for the last month and wanted to know. Baconz is cheering for you kiddos.

        1. Steverino247

          It's easy, once you get used to the fact that you have to drive everywhere and there's no place to park.

          And good luck on the living together part. Be patient with each other!

        2. Baconzgood

          Change is hard. I'm still getting use to my new avatar. I know changing an avatar isn't as easy as up rooting your self, moving thousands of miles away, and living with your soul mate….but try to relate.

        3. Crank_Tango

          I hate to break it to you, but you won't be able to rock out with your cock out in the Castro much longer, since Nobama "won."

      1. MissTaken

        All's good! He's even putting the toilet seat down most of the time and only smashed my car into a pole once.

        Thanks for the cheer, Baconz!

        1. emmelemm

          Is he really one of those East Coasters who's never had to drive a day in his life because of all the socialist public transportation? Whatever, he'll learn.

          But yeah, cheers!

          1. Baconzgood

            W. PA misses you E. PA guy. At now you don't have to listen to all the "swing state" adds every 4 years. Good luck kiddos. Oh, and I hate getting in the car to buy ice tea or Hustler too also. That's why ill never go further than Chi town. But THIS is for love so I find it acceptable.

    4. snowpointsecret

      Fun fact: If Romney won Florida, Virginia, AND Ohio Obama would have won anyway. Pennsylvania would have done it for Romney on top of that but I don't even think Karl Rove believed that was in play.

    5. fuflans

      we were in pitts last weekend with my (total wingtard) aunt and uncle. we were showing mr fuflans pittsburgh. drove around all day saturday. nary a single romney sign in sight.

      not one.

      saw more bamz signs than north side of CHI.

      1. sullivanst

        Last weekend… so… after the election?

        Yeah, I think the loser's supporters tend to take their signs down quite rapidly. The winners like to bask a while.

        ETA: unless you're talking bumper stickers.

  9. memzilla

    "With the weight of those mathematical odds in your favor, you’d almost be forced to resort to stuffing ballot boxes to remain in office."

    Hey, ballots make the perfect Thanksgiving turkey stuffing!

    1. WriteyWriterton

      Sliders and ballots. Dean Chambers, meet K-Lo. You doubtless have much in common, including air-rights to the vast amount of space consumed by your avoirdupois.

  10. gullywompr

    Love the headline "Black States = States Obama won by Voter Fraud." How much more circumstantial evidence do you need than that? 2012, The Fraudening.

    Oh, and they sell hats there also too, so that's always a good reason to have a web site.

  11. widestanceromance

    This is stupid. Why would he bother stealing the election when he could make the government just give it to him for free?

    1. glasspusher

      Yeah. The only pink slip Barry saw on election night was the one Michelle was wearing…and probably not very long ;)

  12. Kate_fate

    I'm just glad that unauthorized persons were allowed to go through ballot boxes so they could COUNT those tens of thousands of bogus ballots. Or dozens, as the case may be.

  13. T3rbo

    I didn't see very many 'words' on that website, what am I missing? I want to learn about the barackofraudo but I don't understand how….

  14. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    Yes, there is no chance that Conservatives had a loser Candidate backing a loser ideology that most people find crazy. Yes, it must have been massive voter fraud that no one can find any evidence of.

    And people wonder why Conservatism has become morally and philosophically bankrupt.

    1. memzilla

      Yes, but it's gold-standard bankrupt, none o' yer fancy-schmancy Bretton Woods fiat currency bankrupt.

      1. sullivanst

        It's a triple the CEO salary and make repeated swingeing cuts to employee compensation and still fail under your load of debt bankrupt?

  15. skmind

    Saddam Hussein got 100% of the vote. Barack Hussein Obama won the elections by a … LOT.

    I can't put my finger or another appendage on it, but there seems to be a connection. If only Breitbart wasn't a ghost!

    Say, isn't that O'Keefe or that D'inesh dude available to do some jernalism?

  16. weejee

    I'm shocked that Barack O'Fraudo wasn't shrieking about Bamz stealing the 3 votes from DeeCee, the pearle noire of the Potomac.

    Also, too, is Barack O'Fraudo black Irish?

    1. Defeatably_Joe

      Barack O'Fraudo was the protagonist of a popular fantasy book called Lord of the Sharia-Muslim Wedding Rings, in which a secrit Godless Socialist Muslim Commie Atheist must journey all the way to three districts in Ohio (and also five other states) to stuff a ballot box on Mount Doom.

      1. weejee

        to stuff a ballot box on Mount Doom

        While Mr. Karl Billblow Rove has a sad and a tots meltdown because some hash-tagged Anonymous ate his second breakfast?

        1. Defeatably_Joe

          Look, just because I didn't mention Fraudo's devoted companion, Rahmwise, or the fact that he, and the rest of the Choom Gang of the Ring had a fondness of pipe weed, doesn't make either of those things that aren't true.

  17. memzilla

    Gee, this sure is end-of-the-world stuff, all right. I hope my Mayan Calendar refills get here soon, they've been on order for a couple of baktuns now.

  18. LesBontemps

    Obama stole the election? Well duh, he's blah, so stealing, obvs.

    You boys just keep on looking for those Romney votes in North Philadelphia. They gotta be there somewhere. I recommend knocking on every door and asking about it.

  19. Callyson

    Scroll down to the bottom of that webpage–it seems that has a new life…

    …which is fortunate for Wonketteers who were worried that the political death of Allen West meant the end of our fun. Snark on!

    1. pdiddycornchips

      from the "contact us" link:

      Dean Chambers, Chairman of The QStar Group
      Independent Journalist, Pollster, Political Consultant


      As soon as I finish this bottle of Scotch, plan on updating his Wikipedia page. He left a few things out.

  20. Come here a minute

    Look, when the guy everybody hates wins, it's obviously fraud. Nobody can argue with that, so don't even try.

  21. Callyson

    Also–no, it appears that they do not take comments on their website. They probably know how much fun we would have giving them the unskewed truth…

    1. Baconzgood

      But the people over there at Barrakofraudo.cum are bat shit nuts and should keep away from the spray paint and model air plane glue.

  22. HogeyeGrex

    Oh, for fuck's sake.

    It's the awesomely credible Dean fucking Chambers.

    He needs to unskew himself into a bottomless pit from whence he will never be heard from again.

    1. actor212

      In fairness, he probably made long coin when he unskewed the polls, so why not try and double down? No one ever went broke underestimated the gullibility of Republicans. How else do you explain Glenn Beck's gold scandal?

  23. Blunderthing

    I so totally understand this racism, er, skepticism. I was crushed when Bush stole the re-election in 2004. I died. No, wait, I didn't.

  24. metamarcisf

    World Net Daily has a front page article that claims if 1/3 of the states refuse to participate in the Electoral College on 12/17, there will fail to be a quorum and the election will be thrown into the House of Representatives. And now, they have a disclaimer admitting this is not true but they still continue to feature that article.

    1. Tundra Grifter

      Turns out the author of that little piece confused the House of Representatives (which must have a quorum) with the Electoral College (which doesn't).

      Personally, I've always thought Electoral College sucked 'cause you never hear anything about their football team.

    1. Dashboard Buddha

      reminds me of a dude that worked in the next cube over (gone now). He would ask Spanish speaking customers, "what is your telephono numbero"

  25. Baconzgood

    I loved playing Barrakofraudo when I was a kid. Then the "Man" recalled it the same week they took Jarts.

    1. cousinitt

      Oh man, I used to love playing jarts with my infant brothers and sisters. Our many dogs were also good running under one just as it came back to earth. Good times.

      1. Baconzgood

        When I was 9, I actually got my uncle in the foot with a jart. Went right through it on the 4th of July. There were a suprising ammount of fire cracker, B-B-Que, and Jart accitents in the ER that day.

    2. T3rbo

      Yes, you must also be from south america as well! We would all hide under the car, and the person who was 'it' would put blackface on and try to take our haloween candy! The first one to reach the freedom tree and shout "SOCIALISMO!" would get to be the outfielder in the next round

    3. Tundra Grifter

      Do you remember those plastic balls on the end of a piece of rope you'd slam into each other until they exploded in front of your face? Or you'd let go by "mistake" and it could get somebody around the neck like an Argentine bolo?

      Them was the daze…

    1. T3rbo

      But Noodynaady's actual ingrate tootle is of come into the garner mauve and thy nice are stores of morning and buy me a bunch of iodines.-james joyce

  26. WriteyWriterton

    Having worked in Obama HQ for the last six weeks of the election (bow to me, please), I can assure everyone here that I personally hand-shredded all the several hundred thousand swing-state ballots for Romney that he needed to win the election. And, boy, are my arms tired, what with that and flying in from Lost Wages, Nevada. I'll be here all week, try the veal, and don't forget to tip the tummelers.

      1. WriteyWriterton

        Good question. Can't recall. Not without consulting my lawyer, anyway. [Covers microphone, leans away to talk to white-collar-crime specialist, leans back into microphone]. I'll stand on that answer, Senator.

      1. WriteyWriterton

        Good to be back, g-wompr. Nice to see familiar avatars and spit-take into my chocolate milk again.

      2. WriteyWriterton

        More familiar names than avatars. There's been a lot of change here. Maybe a little hope, too.

        1. gullywompr

          You missed the big keg party/orgy too. People kept asking "Where's Writey?" We really could have used you then.

  27. SayItWithWookies

    I didn't realize (though others have pointed it out) that this was founded by Unskewed pollster Dean Chambers — who was the same fellow who, after the election, refreshingly copped to his methodology being wrong. I guess he was visited by the obscurity fairy shortly thereafter and decided to change his tune.

  28. Tundra Grifter

    "There's another way to phrase that and that is that the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. It is basically saying the same thing in a different way. Simply because you do not have evidence that something does exist does not mean that you have evidence that it doesn't exist."

    ~ Donald Rumsfeld

    1. marinmaven

      This is the kinda crap we saved ourselves from when we re-elected Obama. Do you doubt it? He would have brought out the entire "Mistakes Were Made" crew and lobbed large globs of B*llsh*t liker this every single day of his administration. Romney would have brought Rummy out of retirement just to let us know how much he despised us.

    2. tessiee

      "Simply because you do not have evidence that something does exist does not mean that you have evidence that it doesn't exist."

      ~ Donald Rumsfeld

      Is that like, only the male mosquito whines, but only the female mosquito bites; so if you hear a whine, you're OK, BUT! If you hear NOTHING…

    3. Negropolis

      Something something known unknowns something something.

      Orwell couldn't have written a character more ridiculously evil than Rumsfeld.

      1. Tundra Grifter

        I don't go for the Nazi analogies (Godwin's Law hasn't been repealed), but such a heartless yet efficient bastard reminds me of the worst of the National Socialists.

        1. Negropolis

          Actually, I think Godwin's Law may have been repealed in 2010 if the campaigns of the tea party congresscritters is any indication.

    1. sullivanst

      Not nearly as catchy as "Bond, James Bond"

      Because I bet he wouldn't know what the fuck was going on if you stuck him in the middle of Newcastle at night.

  29. PopeEdgardo

    Hey, come to think of it, I didn’t see anyone actually put any ballots in the box either. How do we know for sure anyone voted? Obviously, there was no election!

          1. sullivanst

            Given its history, I very strongly doubt there's a serif version. Besides, how many fonts have versions both ways? And Arial isn't called Arial sans, it's true.

          2. proudgrampa

            "Comic Serif:" isn't that the guy who costarred with Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl? I think his first name was really Omar.

    1. natl_[redacted]_cmdr

      It does remind me of Homer's Mr. X website only, you know, shittier and way dumber. Also, needz moar twirling Jeebus.

  30. knarf78

    the piece on the democratic strategy of voter suppression, tens of millions of negative ads from the Obama campaign, and a mainstream media that talked nonstop about how Obama would be reelected is golden… I want to live in this fantasy world too

  31. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    Clearly you all are missing the point that if you count the votes of black, brown and other "people" by the 3/5ths they are allotted in the Constitution, Romney would have won Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia quite cleanly.

    1. emmelemm

      I feel pretty confident that if you only counted white, male votes, Romney would have taken the whole enchilada.

          1. glasspusher

            I rent my house from the bank!

            PS…now that know who he is, is he the jealous type?you two both seem to have excellent taste!

          2. emmelemm

            Well, since we now have gay marriage in Washington state, it's just a hop skip & a jump to legalized polygamy, so we should be cool.

            I don't know if Lionel's the jealous type. You'd have to ask him. ;)

          1. BerkeleyBear

            Sort of shocking that Washington and Oregon go for him on all maps and California lags behind. Cali got called for Bams a lot quicker than Oregon (last state before Ohio, yeah!) but I guess it is all the browns and yellows.

          2. sullivanst

            Not such a big surprise really when you think the liberal parts of CA are also mostly the most cosmopolitan parts, whereas the parts that elect Repubs are much whiter, and given a Republican won statewide office not all that long ago, there's plenty of 'em.

        1. BigSkullF*ckingDog

          Yeah, a white male friend of mine posted that on the Facebook after the election. I told him I had put his name on the list for re-education in the first FEMA camp.

  32. scionkirk

    As the political genius guru Dick Morris pointed out on election night, the only reason, and I mean the ONLY reason, Obama won is because he got more people to vote for him.

  33. BlueStateLibel

    "How could that be possible?" – Normal person
    "Because!" – Wacked-out teabagger
    "But why?" – Normal person.
    "Because, that's why!" – Wacked-out teabagger

  34. pdiddycornchips

    They seem to believe that it's impossible to have precincts where no one voted for Romney. Wingnuts, face it. People hate you. They don't not like you, they hate you. They waited in lines for up to six hours in some places just to vote against you. Given the attempts by Republicans to make voting harder for minorities and poor people, do you really think people would stand in those long lines on election day and then pull the lever for a Republican?

  35. HouseOfTheBlueLights

    It's not that Republicans think the election was stolen. It's that they do not believe in the legitimacy of a vote for a Democratic candidate.

      1. HouseOfTheBlueLights

        No, I actually think it's deeper than that. I actually think they believe that Democrat-leaning voters should not have the franchise in the first place.—

  36. BaldarTFlagass

    Late to this, has anyone already asked where these guys were in 2000 and 2004? Sure could have used them.

  37. Esteev

    Lliberals and their relative moralism. Obviously, you can't get the facts when Obama is covering them up. Look at Benghazi! At least with voter fraud he'd have something to gain.

    1. Mahousu

      You can take this even farther. The fact that there's no evidence of voter fraud is proof that it exists. Because if they weren't committing fraud, then they wouldn't have to cover it up. That was Obama's big mistake – he tried to make his "perfect" crime too perfect.

      1. Chichikovovich

        Oooh, but they're clever, those Black Panther Voter Fraud Thug Brigades. The precincts in Philly where there are no votes at all for Romney – really leap out at you, right? So you would naively say to yourself "Well, if they were stacking the votes, why wouldn't they toss in just a few for Romney too. Less suspicious".

        Well that's what they expect you to think. That's why I know they were stacked. Because they anticipated that thought, and took advantage of it. But I'm ahead of their game….

        1. Mahousu

          Never bet against a Sicilian when an election is on the line.

          No, wait, that should be: Never bet against a Kenyan when an election is on the line.

  38. Mahousu

    When I click on the "Post Comments" link on the site, it shows a bunch of spam for a second, then switches to a Girls' Generation music video. Is this trying to tell me that Seohyun, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Jessica et al. are behind the fraud? Could this be the secret message of "Chocolate Love"?

    1. pdiddycornchips

      I know right? I was going to post something similar but I was afraid I might be having scotch induced visions. I know for sure they will try to demon sex me tonight in my sleep. I am ascared

  39. snowpointsecret

    It's only fraud if the Diebold machines don't steal it for the Republicans?

    (No really, I actually had to vote on a Diebold, it was really strange.)

  40. docterry6973

    So his argument is that the election results didn't agree with their unskewed polls, so FRAUD. Makes sense to me.

  41. snowpointsecret

    … Okay I just looked at that site for a few minutes and I feel really dirty. It might take some demon sex to get my mind off of something that disturbing…

    If you, too, need brain bleach, consider this awesome fact: Mitt Romney got 47 percent of the popular vote. Karma, basically.

      1. snowpointsecret

        Depends on whether it's the site, Romney's vote percentage, or the idea of demon sex that's turning you on.

          1. snowpointsecret

            Yeah then you're fine… Unless that means I have a problem too or something but in that case I'm sure we're not alone!

  42. christianmuslin

    If Mittens recharges American Motors, he might be eligible for an auto bailout so Egg could have Ambassadors in her elevator car garage and these fraudos could all drive Gremlins, the muscle car from American Motors. Problem solved. Now get the fuck out of our lives, fraudos!

    1. Tundra Grifter

      Let's get one thing straight right through here.

      Nothing – as in NOTHING – needs more James O'Keefe in his stupid Halloween pimp suit. Unless he's willing to wear it to Harlem one Saturday night real soon.

    1. snowpointsecret

      Their obsession with Acorn makes sense. I mean, they have less critical thinking skill than your standard squirrel if this site is any indication.

  43. Chichikovovich

    I will admit that those precincts in Philly where Romney got no votes at all got me to raise an eyebrow. I thought the double-barreled Romney message of "You people are useless lazy moochers who don't take responsibility for yourself" and "It's not my job to worry about you people." was a big winner in the inner city.

    1. emmelemm

      It's my understanding that some of these "precincts" are really just a few square blocks, so if you imagine a few square Philly blocks full of apartment buildings solely populated by African-Americans, is it so difficult to think not a single vote was cast for the Mittster?

      1. Chichikovovich

        Ben oui I was being sarcastic. I find it very easy to believe that a campaign like Romney's would have managed to alienate every single African-American in a large radius of a given polling place.

    2. Defeatably_Joe

      You forgot his Philly-specific message of, "Charter schools and large class sizes are AWESOME!" in a city that basically had just decided to close all of its public schools.

  44. ttommyunger

    Actually, in this instance, voter fraud is cool by me. In fact, I think I'm going to have a boner for at least the next four years and I have no intention of contacting my physician about it.

        1. redarmyzombie

          It may help to remember his tears of despair as the election was called. That usually does it for me.

          Oh! Oh, just thinking about it makes me…excited!

          1. redarmyzombie

            Oh, you think that's good, try that audio clip of Rush Limbaugh despairing over the fact that his party has become increasingly irrelevant. I swear, it's a proven fucking aphrodisiac!

          2. ttommyunger

            I may have it, but I sure as Hell can't spell it. I am impressed!Sent from the Field, not in Garrison.

  45. fuflans

    nate who?

    (sorry but i tots took advantage of him and his sweet sweet math from july to november and now i'm all, dude, i have a BOYFRIEND and that was an ELECTION fling and it's fucking thanksgiving and family and shit).

    we libtards are mathematically inclined sluts aren't we?

    1. natl_[redacted]_cmdr

      Hey, Wonkaholic! The other day I went to the grocery store. When the cashier asked "Paper or plastic?" my first thought was "All of them, Katie."

  46. Negropolis

    Can we get a stable-full of Democratic lawyers to just cold sue every conservative who felt comfortable enough to make scurilous claims? I mean, we need a political purge, already…with lawsuits, of course, since we already used votes.

  47. Negropolis

    Barackofraudo, eh? So, the president is a secret Italian who is going to sell our companies to Turin so that they can manufacture their goodies in China? This is worthy of its own Beckian chalkboard, methinks.

    1. Tundra Grifter

      They are really versions of the classic "Dribble Glass."

      (Which, by the way, you can create yourself by taping a thumbtack to the inside of your thumb. Grab your buddy or loved one a cold one, punch a hole directly under the spout as you pick it up, sit back and watch the hilarity ensue!)

  48. Mahousu

    It probably shouldn't be pointed out that the "comments" page on that site lets you insert anything – images, javascript, embeds, really anything at all – and it is copied over unaltered onto the page. Why, if someone were to point that out, people might take advantage of it!

  49. catholic4condom

    "…so the evidence is often quite circumstantial. In fact, often the circumstantial evidence is all the evidence we have…"

    If the founders of this website are ever accused of a criminal act, they should hope they get a judge who doesn't agree with that.

  50. dopper0189

    If the proof was easy to find that would just prove that Obama didn't use the CIA. I mean the head of the CIA must be really good at hiding evidence right?

  51. Boojum

    OK, so I clicked on Florida and scrolled down the page. It appears he has his columns transposed or just wrong. There are several precincts which Romney won by hundreds of votes where the total number of votes exceeds the votes of either Romney or Obama. So, either they were both stuffing ballots and Romney got out stuffed or lack-of-evidence guy has unskewed the top of his own head.

    1. sullivanst

      Somebody either: (a) went off preliminary data, (b) can't transcribe, or (c) is committing fraud in their attempt to imply fraud. For example, they claim that in Broward precint B002, Romney got 881 of 313 votes cast; the actual data currently shows 1,313 total votes. They claim that in precinct L0008 Obama won 978 of 5 votes cast; county shows 1,005 total. I'm going to go with (b) then – apparently they wrote a little program to rip out the vote totals, and forgot to account for the fact that the county formatted their numbers with commas as thousands separators, but VB's CInt doesn't grok thousands separators. When the results from their parsing were obviously nonsense, they went with the confirmation bias of claiming this proved fraud, rather than doing what any sane person would do and looking at the source data to see if they'd screwed up the analysis somehow (they had). So, also a little hint of (c).

  52. Ancient_Hacker

    So on the front page they show a long table of numbers, probably pasted in from a spreadsheet.

    Two maybe not so minor quibbles:

    (1) There seems to be a column missing, all of the last column values are zero.

    (2) Whoever did this shows Obama getting 80 times the number of registered voters in one district. You' think someone else would have noticed this by now. If I were Barry, I'd not stuff so much, so to speak.

    (3) Oh, In one precinct, he ( I'm assuming this is a he ), has Romney getting 808 out of 303 registered voters. Same thing most of the way down the table. So Romney was stuffing too?

    1. sullivanst

      No, their script to strip data from the board of elections' websites doesn't know about how numbers formatted for human consumption frequently use commas as thousands separators. Where the vote total is less than the sum of Obama+Romney, add at least a thousand to the total column. It's quite hilarious because Broward County also provides its voting data in multiple machine-readable formats like CSV and XML. Also, registration data is not always made available, apparently this website doesn't feel any need to account for that.

  53. Mrs. Erma Gerd

    "…tens of thousands of bogus votes in the ballot box, we didn’t see someone actually put them there, but they are found, they are there"

    Vote doesn't go in, vote comes out. You can't explain that.

  54. Negropolis

    OT: Meanwhile, in the Mitten…

    LANSING — Michigan lawmakers are considering bills that would grant a tax break to parents who can show that a fetus is at least 12 weeks old at the end of a year.

    The legislation would treat a fetus the same as a child for purposes of a tax deduction. The bills got a hearing Tuesday in a House committee and could come up for votes before lawmakers close their session in December.

    This is a sneaky, round-about way to begin to establish personhood, and we'd be the first to do it. I swear, our Republicans want to try and make us Mississippi, except that even Mississippi rejected the personshood bullshit. They don't care about children; this is the same legislature that cut the earned income tax credit and everything else having to do with children.

    1. sullivanst

      Yes, as if in a rush to prove that they're "pro-life until birth", the same lege that repealed credits for post-born children now wants to introduce them for the pre-born.

  55. larrykat

    Looks like someone hacked their site – when you click the "Post Comments" link you redirect to a Youtube anime video for, let me see… " Nyan Caxx Barf Loop".

  56. lulzmonger

    Today, we are all milk trout.

    Sure is a LOT of blank space on that page.
    There's literally almost nothing whatsoever to see there.
    Whoa … did just accidentally leak the GOP's 2016 platform???

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