Hurricane Hypeman Joe Biden Warms Up The East Coast For Your Homeboy Barack Obama

  down in his b-boy stance

He sees you baby, shaking that ass, shaking that assJoe Biden can literally say any fucking thing in the goddamn world, and it does not matter. Said Joey the Biden to Sandy victims to make them feel better and convince them they have a black friend:

“So as the president said when he was up here with the governor, we’re not going anywhere. We’re not going anywhere. And you’ve got a homeboy in the deal who gets it.”

On the plus side, Joe Biden’s weirdly benign racial cluelessness is turning in a more positive direction, warming up the crowd for when Obama and Jay-Z come out to do a modified duet of “Bonnie and Clyde.”

Unconfirmed pool reports also state that Biden stood astride a wrecked home and bellowed, “YOLO!” to the heavens while hurling unopened bottles of Ciroc into the ocean.

[Washington Post]

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