Scary MonstersYou know who is so mad about the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, and how Barack Obama sat around in the SitRoom, eating popcorn and demanding the CIA stand down and let our ambassador, Christopher Stevens, die and get dragged through the streets*? John McCain is so mad about it! He is so mad about it he is even willing to spout fart-scented nonsense from his poo-crusted old man mouth. BUT THEN B. Barry Bamz gave a press conference in which he reminded everyone about 45 times that, in fact, he had won the election and he is the president and y’all might wanna shut your fool poo-mouths, and also he would like to challenge John McCain to go mano a mano, old man! Well neither Lindsey Graham nor John McCain were taking any sass or guff from that one, and immediately started running around with their hair on fire. (But mostly Miss Lindsey.) So what was going on at the very same time as all these many displays of manly cockness? Oh, just the very security briefings on Benghazi that McCain was angrily demanding. Really! At the very same time!

McCain’s people — but not McCain himself, of course, as he was too busy screaming at reporters that they were fucking cunt trollops — say the reason John McCain skipped the Committee on Homeland Security’s intelligence briefing on Benghazi was due to “scheduling error.”

* This “dragged through the streets” canard is one of the worst-faith lies we have ever seen come out of the RWNJ’s collective pieholes, as usually when you drag someone through the streets, you hold them by their arms and legs and … drag them, rather than holding them under the arms so as to keep them up off the ground. Real-time photos have stopped precisely no one from claiming just that. Nothing funny. We’re just sayin’.

[ThinkProgress, via Maddow / Slate]

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