So here is your video of Luke Russert being an ass to Nancy Pelosi at her press conference announcing she intends to continue as House Minority Leader. Because, surely there are some 24-year-olds who would be really good at Dem Leadering. Doesn’t that old lady know that Gen Y always thinks they get to be the boss?

Oh, and speaking of boss, that is how Nancy handles the twerp: Like a BOSS.

Luke, we understand that with your immense qualifications as a journamalist, you may not actually know anything about age discrimination, women, or the intersection of the two, particularly since you work in a business where women are sent off to ride the Death Carousel as soon as they hit thirty.

But let us simply savor Pelosi’s “I refuse to make an issue of your youth and inexperience’ moment here:

“Oh you always ask that question except to Mitch McConnell.”

“Let’s for a moment honor it as a legitimate question.”

And because she is diplomatic, she does not make creative use of her gavel.

[YouTube via Kaili at DailyKos]

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  • gullywompr

    Renew! Renew!

    • nounverb911

      So which one is Logan?

      • SuspectedDemocrat

        She's a red, and she's gonna run. I can always tell. Run, runner!

  • beezie687

    If it's a legitimate question, the leader has a way of shutting that thing down.

    Go Nancy!!!

    • JustPixelz

      My thoughts exactlyl! But you type faster. Well played sir.

    • DixvilleCrotch

      It had to be said.

  • FNMA

    Is it me, or by the end of that, is Junior's voice a lot higher?

    • ShreditorsDesk

      magically, yes.

  • snowpointsecret

    "What's your response to the thought that you should step aside in your leadership role for Honey Boo Boo?"

  • secanonymous

    Revenge of the sluts.


  • nounverb911

    When is McConnell going to step aside to let a younger reptile take over?

  • BaldarTFlagass

    Really. Those "Young Gun" Republicans are showing us the way!

    • CommieLibunatic

      You mean those guys who's average age was 49?

      • nmmagyar

        Isn't that "young" in DC?

  • JudasPeckerwood

    I mean, doesn't she have an idiot child who could fill her shoes?

    • BaldarTFlagass

      Worked out well for Jack Buck's boy.

    • justagurlinseattle

      You mean like Tim Russert did…..

  • OT, but important: Please sign the petition to make Wonkette the official mommyblog of the US of America.

    You know, for kids!

    • BigSkullF*ckingDog

      C'mon people. It's for freedom! I also support the petitions to allow Texas and Arizona to secede from the union.

      • Oblios_Cap

        I did it, ok? I still think we're supposed to be a warblog.

    • GhostBuggy

      Upfist for the Hudsucker reference.

  • mickeymusing

    God, he's just an embarrassment.

    • At what point will MSNBC finally say this experiment in nepotism has failed?

      • PugglesRule

        I hope Tim Russert is spinning in his grave. Him, I miss.

        • DCBloom

          I really missed him during the election. He so loved it. RIP Tim

      • Living in Joy

        I'm beginning to think that Tim Russert's contract with NBC had a provision in it to take of his little boy in the event of his unlikely demise including giving him a job he clearly does not deserve or perform well. NBC did not anticipate having to honor that part of the contract while young Timmy was still being potty trained.

  • I hear Jill Kelley likes to caucus.

    • PugglesRule

      She likes a raucus caucus.

    • Esteev


      Edit: Crappy mac copy/paste function.

    • prommie

      She appears to like generals' caucuses.

  • Beowoof

    Hey Luke appears to have all the qualifications of David Gregory why isn't he hosting MTP.

    • LibertyLover

      He certainly couldn't do any worse than D. Gregory.

    • Kid_Charlemagne

      Luke can't dance.

      • Beowoof

        Charlie Pierce regularly points out Dave's dance skills. Referring to MTP as Disco Dave's Dance Party and Dave himself as the Dancin Master.

    • Living in Joy

      Absolutely. What doesn't Gregory step down and let some of the younger journalists (really there is only one wet behind the ears) have a shot. I hear it is said privately among SOME people at NBC.

  • Blueb4sinrise

    Kyrsten Sinema for HML!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • She'd gain bi-partisan support.

    • mayor_quimby

      She is really easy on the eyes, it must have been hard to debate her (heheh, I bet)

    • HarryButtle

      I'd like to brag once again that SHE IS MY CONGRESSWOMAN! Please remember her the next time you make some crack about Arizona…and then feel free to make the crack anyway, since the vast majority of the state is fucked in the head. But please remember the few of us who aren't.

      • DCBloom

        I guess I'd brag if I were you, but please, have a heart. Some of us are stuck with teabaggers "representing" us. Mine is Virginia Foxx. Do you feel my pain?

        • HarryButtle

          I do, Bloom, I do.

          (I heard Max Bialystock in my head as I said that…)

  • snowpointsecret

    Nancy Pelosi is seriously that old? Maybe only being 21 makes it hard for me to detect how old people are but I wouldn't have guessed she was 72… Maybe 62. Maybe.

    • BaldarTFlagass

      21!?!?! Is it legal for you to be on Wonkette?

      • snowpointsecret

        Shh, don't tell Kasich.

        (I'm stuck here right now taking care of two people recovering from surgery so in down times I don't have much else to do either!)

        • Geminisunmars

          You are welcome — as long as you don't try to kick us olds out of here.

          • snowpointsecret

            No need to do that anyway, even if I have to look up some of the references on here!

        • PugglesRule

          It's okay, Young Padawan. You have learned the secret handshakes and terms. We'll let you stay here in Boomerville.

      • Pragmatist2

        More importantly, at 21 don't you have better things to do than be on Wonkette?

        • snowpointsecret

          At 11:47 AM on a Wednesday when I'm taking care of a couple of people when it's freezing out? Not really.

    • LibertyLover

      That's ok, hon, us olds have trouble believing people like you look any older than 12. ;-)

    • calliecallie

      72 is the new 62.

    • BadKitty904

      HA! I'm not the kid any more! ;0)

      • snowpointsecret

        brb taking over for Nancy Pelosi.

  • BaldarTFlagass

    I bet he wouldn't dare ask that question of Dame Judy Dench about stepping aside as M.

    • bargal20

      Um, I guess you haven't seen Skyfall. Oops…

    • WhatTheHolyHeck

      I see what you did there.

  • bumfug

    "You can't talk to me like that – my dad was famous and now he's dead! "

    • BadKitty904

      Eh. Feed that chipmunk another peanut.

  • CapeClod

    She should have said, "Well, I could let my daughter take over, but people would complain about it being nepotism, since she doesn't have half the skills I have."

  • sbj1964


  • JustPixelz

    Dems should be more like Fux News: blonde chicks in front of the camera.

  • editor

    "hey, nancy pelosi! you're old! did you know that? i think you're old!"
    "no, seriously, you're old! older than old! OLD!"
    "with any luck, one day you will be too."

    go nancy.

  • Not_So_Much

    Nancy will stone cold 'cut a bitch' when needed.

  • Hey, Luke!
    Any "credibilty" you had, was just shot down.
    You were just owned by Nancy.

  • There are no stupid questions — just stupid talentless scions who think insight and expertise can be inherited, asking questions. Okay, there are stupid questions.

  • Nancy waited til her youngest was in high school to enter politics eh? Sarah Palin was hatching plots to take overmakeover the Governor's mansion while her fourth mommy's dearest was just a sprog!

    • BaldarTFlagass

      Is a sprog the same as a spooge?

      • not that Dewey

        It's a cross between a frog and a spirochete.

  • hagajim

    This coming from a guy who would probably be working at a local newspaper in Bumfuck Idaho had his Dad not been on the teevee and given him the opportunities he has….good gawd.

    • shelwood46

      I'm pretty sure he'd be asking, "Do you want fries with that?"

  • He must be a republican. He has all the lack of self-awareness that is their trademark.

  • Abernathy

    I'll wait for noted feminist scholar Pat Robertson to comment on this.

  • Geminisunmars

    Do you hear that? It is the sound of some father rolling over in his tomb.

    • Hardly. Tim was honestly just a cuddlier version of Chuck Todd or David Gregory. Luke is practically keeping the family tradition alive, in his own illiterate way.

      GO BILLS!

  • Nancy = Sluggo

    • calliecallie

      Luke = Mr. Bill

      "Oooh, Nooo! Sluggoooo!

  • Goonemeritus

    Luke still seems to be swimming in his father’s shoes. Maybe he should give up and visit Buster Brown.

    • LibertyLover

      Well he sure ain't filling them.

  • SexySmurf

    Because, surely there are some 24-year-olds who would be really good at Dem Leadering.

    I suggest Channing Tatum.

    • I still can't believe he beat me out for Sexiest Man this year.

      That's the last time I sleep with THAT general!

    • calliecallie

      I'd hit that.

  • Did he ask that at a press conference for the Women's Caucus? Jeeeeeee-zus.

    "As President of the NAACP, don't you think that someone a bit more competent should be launching this new voting rights initiative? I mean, you want people to think you're taking it seriously, right?"

    "Yes, Chuck, I was able to speak with Senator Warren for a few minutes. No word on who she's thinking about hiring for her staff that will explain the more complex economic issues to her that she doesn't know about, but she says, quote, 'I'm sure I'll muddle through this legislative session somehow.' Chuck."

  • FiscalClifford

    This is the Politics of Distraction, trying to get us to ignore the real issue. Namely, no shit, Pelosi is over 70? Yowsa! My mom looked older than that when she was 40.

    (Then again, she was a giant dog. And in dog years, 40 is like pushing Methuselah.)

    • Working at a hospital for teh cancers, one thing I've learned a while ago is that you can be an "old" 70 or a "young" 70, and it depends on a lot of stuff, like genetics, level of activity, and various others.

      But yeah, my grandfather is in his mid-80's, and people still regularly think he's my father, and 30 years younger, incredibly.

    • BigSkullF*ckingDog

      Welcome fellow big red dog! Word of warning: watch out for the cats around here. Some of them are scary, but I like the way their butts smell.

      • FiscalClifford

        Sounds nice. I live in a state where it's still illegal to smell a cat's butt if you're a dog. Damn this oppression.

      • Canine party!

        • FiscalClifford

          Dog Caucus!

    • LibertyLover

      Welcome Big Red Skulleffing Cliff- Just layoff the kangas, they will kick ya in the teeth if they've a mind to.

  • mrpuma2u

    She's no spring chicken but she can whip out a verbal ice pick when she needs one. Hey Luke, bahfangool!

  • barto

    Luke, I am your grandmother!

    That's imposcable!

  • Abernathy

    Question: Luke Russsert, do you think your not dying of shame on the spot and continuing to waste a fairly sizeable amount of space at press conferences is preventing less shitastic reporters from asking real question?

  • FakaktaSouth

    I think what he really meant was that she should die so one of her kids could take her job.

  • Hey Luke, when was your Dad planning to step aside, before or after his heart exploded?

  • Terry

    Someone young and cute? Like Steny Hoyer? I'm a fan of Steny's and he's a handsome man, but no one could by any stretch of the imagination call him young, let alone cute.

    • gullywompr

      Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

  • BaldarTFlagass

    They cut out the part at the end where Nancy says, "You can have your testicles back after the press conference, Luke."

  • calliecallie

    Luke is so toast. You think Nancy has a secret vengeful streak? I do. Don't get mad, get even. Yeah, Luke is toast.

    • Wadisay

      Uh…with votes.

  • not that Dewey

    That’s the contempt with which NBC News views the occupation of journalism. To make Luke Russert a congressional reporter is to say, “We believe that this job requires no particular knowledge, training or skills. If a German Shepard could be trained to speak, it could perform this work.”

    -Alex Pareene

    • Ah, our former Wonkette ed.

    • emmelemm

      Nice. (Also, cutting.)

  • Beowoof

    I am surprised he didn't ask how a such an old lady keeps that impressive rack standing up right.

  • As Nancy said Luke, ya gotta ask Senator Mr. Turtle McConnell that zact same question or you are a total woosie.


  • Worst part about Buffalo, NY?* Bills fans worship this asshat because they worshiped his father for being a Bills fan despite the fact that they never watched his show.

    *Not the worst part about Buffalo, NY.

  • Biel_ze_Bubba

    It's really a shame she didn't have the gavel, so she could stand there, softly pounding it into her left hand, while she grinned and looked him in the eye.

  • BadKitty904

    "You're grounded, young man!"

    Honestly, what a vulgar, ill-mannered dickhead.

  • neiltheblaze

    Has anyone asked Luke if he now understands why Democrats would give Elizabeth Warren a prime-time spot at the national convention? He seemed to have trouble with the concept at one time.

  • jodyleek

    I hope she squished his toes with her walker and whacked him with her cane.

  • Wadisay

    Luke needs to pay his dues by wearing 5" heels, short skirts and more eye liner, like real anchors.

  • Exhausted66

    Luke, I'm your father…. and I should've gotten you braces, or at least Invis-align"
    -Tim Russert

  • freakishlywrong

    How did McConnell respond when Luke him that?

  • DixvilleCrotch

    Luke needs a spanking for being sassy.

  • Lucidamente1

    From Baby Russert's twitter, and I'm not making this up:

    The longer the top 3 stay, the longer it takes to infuse the caucus with new blood like #GOP did w Cantor, Ryan, McCarthy etc.

    • BoroPrimorac

      Call me when the young guns pass a bill that doesn't have to do with what dessert to serve in the cafeteria.

    • calliecallie

      Wow, he really IS an idiot, isn't he?

    • barkway

      Skippy Russert never had to pay his dues. Just jumped to the top of the professional ladder because his Dad was famous so he & others of his generation have no concept of EARNING those top, leadership roles through years of experience, and proving oneself. I'm sure he really believes his Young Guns that he so admires are the older congressional members' equals.

    • bobbert

      Well, Boner is a spring chicken at 62.

    • Negropolis

      If those three are what youth gets us, call the crypt keeper.

  • Get a fucking eHarmony account, you pumpkin headed dipshit.

  • Callyson

    Bratty little twerp asks what now?

  • ttommyunger

    Luke proves that the Dingleberry doesn't fall far from the asshole.

    • docterry6973

      Tim Russert was a Famous and Respected Journalist and Pundit who never asked anyone a question that they might not want to answer, because he wanted to keep his 'access'.

      His son is handed a network microphone because of his last name, and now he is telling Nancy Pelosi how she should do her job? Luke Russert??? His lack of self-awareness is incomprehensible.

      • ttommyunger


  • LibertyLover

    You would never have heard a female reporter asking that shitty question.

  • BigSkullF*ckingDog

    My mom also thinks the Queen of England should retire and let her son take over.

    • glesslib

      Why, is he better at waving and carrying a purse?

  • whiskeyme

    What an ASS. Too young and inexperienced to know any better. If Russert is smart at all, which I seriously doubt, he'll skulk away with his tail between his legs, his voice several octaves higher, with a a lesson learned.

  • In conclusion Luke, Go get your fucking shine box!

  • prommie

    OT Breaking Slutvember News: Sources say that 30,000 pages of emails, that it was Steamy XXX Xplicit sexy talk! Emailed phone sex! This is the best Slutvember ever, already, and its only just begun!

  • elviouslyqueer

    Luke, I think you should learn to be comfortable with a vagina, because the dick that Nancy ripped off you isn't growing back any time soon.

  • Nostrildamus

    Nancy tops my "Septuagenarians I'd Like to Bang" list.

    • calliecallie

      Who else you got on that list?

      • emmelemm

        Betty White
        Judi Dench
        Helen Mirren – not sure if she is actually a septuagenarian

        • bobbert

          I don't care if Helen Mirren is actually a septuagenarian.

  • mustangsavvy

    It probably took ages to remove that verbal gavel shoved up his arse.

    I love Nancy Pelosi =)

  • red_kira

    Holy shit that woman rocks.

  • An_Outhouse

    Is there a petition somewhere we can sign calling for that turd to be fired?

    • Living in Joy

      I wish. NBC likes to keep turds, you know, like Donald Trump.

  • An_Outhouse

    Poor Luke was flustered. He meant to ask "can you tell me how to get old lady smell out of my 'new to me' car?"

  • barkway

    Had Skippy paid the regular dues most journalists do prior to being assigned a White House correspondent post instead of being handed the coveted job straight out of college & riding his father's coattails, he might have learned the decorum and finesse that more mature DC journalists acquire as a consequence of years of experience. I'm sure those who were in line for his position (& who had paid their dues) had a good and deserved snicker at his expense while also quietly muttering amonst themselves in sweet vindication for being passed over in favor of a wet behind the ears college grad, "See? I told Chuck Todd & David Gregory that this boy wasn't qualified for this job."

  • Joey_Blau

    No! the answer is NO! .. now go to bed young man!

  • docterry6973

    Nancy Pelosi didn't get to be Speaker by smiling, even though she has a nice smile, and she didn't get to be Speaker by fainting every time some punk lipped off to her.

    She got it by taking on the toughest pols in the universe and cutting their heart out, with votes.

    So I hope that that Luke 'Nepotism' Russert decides to take her on.

  • the_deliverator

    aw man, i was hoping for the Pelosi transforms into a fire-breathing rage gif for this one. also, too, Russert is a total twerp.

    • emmelemm

      My favorite Wonkette .GIF ever.

  • BoatOfVelociraptors

    I believe that woosie is the preferred nomenclature. Additionally, who photoshopped those dummies for the bazaar? I have seen more persuasive photoshop lengthening techniques in spam emails. Seriously, that neck is a whole different shade of beige. Look at it.

  • decentcitizen

    Luke is determined to make us resent Tim.

  • LadyWisdom

    Luke Russert is an idiot. Were it not for nepotism, he'd be managing a McDonald's. NBC really ought to re-think that hire.

    • Living in Joy

      I think you are underestimating McDonalds.

    • Rotundo_

      Luke would be lucky to be a fry vat pilot. He's not bright enough to work any equipment without little beepy-timers to tell him what to do, so scrubbing shitter is off the list for him, and his people skills are obviously wanting so counter work is out too.

  • 415buzzard

    That's my Rep! We love our hot Italian Grandma here in SF so don't fuck with her, Luke.

  • Dildeaux

    Oh no he dih en. Russert is Nanbo's bitch.

  • MozakiBlocks

    And then Nancy ate his liver with some "fava beans and a nice chianti".

  • Dildeaux

    Looky, looky, Daddy! I got my name in the newspaper!

  • Oh man I'd totally join Nancy's youngish liberal slut army but I'd probably only last a session in Texas before some crazy republican man got all uppity!

  • BZ1

    Perhaps Jill Kelley or Paula Broadwell? are available; they seem willing to do anything…

  • ZN1300

    Seems to me the Empire struck back Luke.

  • Cleopatriot

    What's a Luke Russert?

    • It's a sort of potato from Buffalo who was given a job as a reporter because its father was a very well-liked potato, by the Villagers.

  • Franknflower

    Say "Nancy Polosi" with a scary announcer's voice; it terrifies Republicans.

  • Grokenstein


    I want to shove my boot up his dumbshit ass and then go for a long hike over rocks and broken glass.

    Kudos to Nancy for being considerably classier but still spanking the little bastard bright red.

  • Negropolis

    She should have smiled, quieted the room, and then "shusshed" Luke and said "Quiet! Grown folks are talking."

  • Roger_of_Arabia

    Luke what's your response to the idea that you should step aside for someone with talent and who has paid his dues in the trenches rather than using your dad to get to the head of the line?

  • Smithboy

    Luke was taken aback by the visceral reaction to his question and rightfully decided not to ask his follow up question which was…"Have any of you ladies ever been raped?"

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