bullet dodgedO hai Romney transition website developer! Did you know that if you have a website you do not yet want people to see yet, you can hide it? Like, you could put up a splash page that says “coming soon,” with kittens with googly eyes, or you could just have it in development pages and not actually published to the Internet! We do not blame you, web development is hard! You know: UNLESS IT IS YOUR JOB TO DEVELOP THE WEB. Here are some screenshots of the Romney transition website, which unaccountably was live for the whole Internet (but especially Taegan Goddard at Political Wire) to see! It was here an entire day after Miffed “47 percent” Romney shit the electoral bed! We especially like the ones we are gonna show you after the jump!

We are not saying Mitt Romney should not have had someone working on a transition website! It is important to have your ducks in a row! It is just that, as with every other single thing on his campaign, they did a piss-poor job, and now we have no choice but to laugh at them. MITT ROMNEY WHY ARE YOU SO BAD AT THIS?

This “Join the Administration” page is the funniest one. Like, did you know it is not always awesome buying yourself a cabinet position or whatever?

Wait a minute, what did it just say?

Hahaha, it said you have to show your taxes and stuff. AS IF! From now on, no presidential candidate will ever have to show her taxes, due to the precedent set by Mr. Senor Romney, unless of course she actually would like to win.


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