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Farewell Janice Daniels, Celebrated Homophobe Mayor and Facebook Poet

Pretty ladyAs we continue to mourn our Fallen Heroes, let us not forget Mayor Janice Daniels of Troy, Michigan! This beloved character danced onto the pages of our Wonkette storybook earlier this year, when she put on her Snuggie, logged into her The Facebook account, and started yelling “QUEERS!!!!” at children. It did not take long for the people of Troy to decide they did not care for this Janice Daniels, because Troy is supposed to be known for its fancy mall, not an insane mayor. (The existence of Janice Daniels as mayor was a clear infringement upon Detroit’s exclusive rights to pathological mayors.) Last night, the people of Troy (Trojans?) successfully recalled their mayor, and so today, we offer a sincere slow-clap for them, and a big “I Heart NYC” gift bag full of tears for Janice Daniels.

Or rather, we offer a slow-clap to the slight majority of Troy voters who recalled Janice Daniels.

It was a tight race throughout, but the effort to recall Troy Mayor Janice Daniels officially passed early Wednesday morning.

With all 31 precincts reporting, the yes vote won 20,763 to 18,993.

“We’re estatic,” said Matt Binkowski, spokesman for the effort to recall the embattled mayor.

“We’re very happy that Troy can now finally move forward and the embarrassment of Janice Daniels’ short term as mayor is finally over.”

Victory party at Panda Express! But not for Janice Daniels.

Binkowski said the campaign has been a long one.

“Unfortunately, a lot of feelings have been hurt on both sides. I think this is the best thing for Troy.”

Daniels was confident earlier in the evening, but she was unavailable for comment when the final results came down.

Good bye, Janice Daniels! You keep rocking that signature Middle Eastern man-flair. [Royal Oak Daily Tribune]

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      1. elviouslyqueer

        Or be caught dead sporting a "butt-cut" wig. Unless they were doing an homage to Jan Brady or Mary Tyler Moore. But even then…

      2. anniegetyerfun

        There's actually a transsexual dude who works at my former company and his wig is ALWAYS a mess. It made my gay but not trans friends really angry.

        1. BigSkullF*ckingDog

          There's a lady in my neighborhood who refuses to get rid of her massive 5 o'clock shadow. It drives me nuts.

      1. mrpuma2u

        In a thread several months ago, I accused her of stealing that outfit from the "Facts of Life" wardrobe. Yeesh.

      1. SorosBot

        Freebird and Stairway to Heaven at least once a day; and three Beatles songs in a row at 7AM and again at 4PM.

        1. Biel_ze_Bubba

          Zombie Scott Muni. But yeah, Scott was The Man.

          A lot of the old WNYC crew is on Sirius satellite radio, still playing the rock music that those danged youngsters used to listen to all the time. Whatever happened to those kids, anyhow?

        1. Biel_ze_Bubba

          Unlikely – they are eternally put to good use – but I'll let you know, once she gets here.

      1. Ruhe

        You know, that product comes in two formulations for different cleaning situations. Will this require the greater or the lesser of the two, do you think?

  1. Come here a minute

    These tearful farewells are really getting to me — it's like when you realize after the high school graduation parties that you'll never see most of these people again.

    1. HELisforHEL

      "These tearful farewells are really getting to me — it's like when you realize after the high school graduation parties that you'll happily never see most of these people again."


    1. Disassembly

      Don't worry, we're going to outsource our targets of mockery to China. They must have some bozos over there.

      1. nounverb911

        米特•罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)宣布,他将购买通用汽车的所有作业和运输到中国.

    2. Toomush_Infer

      Oh, I'm pretty sure the teabag isn't empty yet – and there's always Boner and the Turtle…

      1. Biel_ze_Bubba

        "… she [Bachman] sought to cultivate a nonpartisan image with voters by pointing to the singular achievement of her three terms in the U.S. House: spearheading legislation to approve a new freeway-style bridge over the St. Croix River near Stillwater."

        Three fucking terms, one lousy bridge, and they re-elect her? This is a distrct that truly believes in little or no government.

  2. elviouslyqueer

    and a big “I Heart NYC” gift bag full of tears delicious, deep-fried rat dicks for Janice Daniels.

    There. FTFY, Blair. XOXO

  3. Antispandex

    "…because Troy is supposed to be known for its fancy mall, not an insane mayor."

    Well, that's really a bad attitude. At least they were known for SOMETHING. An insane mayor will not put you on the map, it's true, what with all of the other insane mayors, but it's a start.

  4. FakaktaSouth

    I will mourn this "lady" the same way I am Allen "RECOUNT RECOUNT" West, Murdock and Akin, (damn you Michele Bachman) by laughing hysterically and being grateful for sanity where I can find it.

  5. Lascauxcaveman

    Sort of OT, but FOX News was on one of the three TVs I set up for my election night party. It's seems I missed all the best parts, but Salon has a nice recap of conservative butthurt that I didn't catch.

    Worth a click.

    1. MissTaken


      Just talked to my parents who are in shitstain Dan Lungren's district (he's down 200 votes right now!) and my mom said she watched Fox last night for the lulz. She said watching the Rove meltdown was glorious. I guess he got the boot from the set once Mitt ceded. Lovely!

      1. SorosBot

        Fox last night was a lot of fun; they were all so sad, it was schadenfreude-errific. Almost as fun as looking at all the depressed white faces at Romney headquarters.

  6. Callyson

    Unfortunately, a lot of feelings have been hurt on both sides

    So both of her cheeks are butt hurt. Got it.

  7. SayItWithWookies

    It's like this election is the Chicxulub Meteor of homophobia, virulent "family values" advocates, theocrats and faith-based policies everywhere. In reality, just like the real K-T boundary, the end didn't come in one fell swoop but carried on for years before and after — but this really feels like the point at which social evolution gained a fatal momentum for the poor diplodoci and tricertatopsians and such. The rise of the voles is well and truly on.

    1. Biel_ze_Bubba

      If only. The problem with fundies is that they never learn, and they never shut the fuck up, because religion.

  8. NorthStarSpanx

    Wiggy Mayors, State reps and senators, governors, they come in all shapes and parties. My small town ex-Mayor kept showing up at public events to try and mark the occasion with her crazy private citizen words.

    Wasilla even tried to take Sarah Palin's coronation back but lost. Probably because they didn't have Facebook or Twitter back then.

  9. RedneckMuslin

    "There once was a pervert named Weiner
    Who had a perverted demeanor
    Forced from the Hill
    For acting like Bill
    Now Congress is one weiner leaner"

    I hate her for saying it but I still think it's funny.

  10. Terry

    I can shop at the fancy Troy mall, the Somerset Collection, once again without feeling guilt about being in that town.

  11. cousinitt

    Janice is now qualified to run for Mayor of Wasilla and then who knows, maybe even the White House!

  12. Halloween Jack

    If I had to make up a story about the person in that picture, it would go something like this:

    She's that one person in the church choir that shows up to every single practice and every single Sunday service, without fail, and always has that exact same expression on her face, every single time you see her. You never see her talking to anyone else, though, or any other choir member talking to her. You're new to the choir yourself, and although other choristers are polite and cordial to you, you don't feel particularly close to any of them.

    At the choir Christmas party, which is a few days before Christmas midnight mass, you finally get up the nerve to talk to her, and walk up to her and say hi. She doesn't even say hi back, just looks at you with the same damn expression and says, "Every Christmas Jesus puts a baby in me, and every Easter He takes it back."

    Despite your deep desire to run screaming out of there and never return to that church again, you show up to midnight mass, and after the last chorus of "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" has died away, the lead baritone walks up to you, and says, "Saw you talking to Janice at the party, and of course we all know what she said to you–same thing she says to everyone–and yet you came back." He gives you a bone-crushing hug. "Welcome to the choir."

  13. Negropolis

    My only regret is that this thing was so close (52/48), which is the margin she won her original race by. But, a win is a win, and Mayor Haircut is gone. Bless her heart, she won't be getting off at Exit 69 to take a ride on Big Beaver, anymore.

    BTW, read all of your comments, and I laughed the entire way through the thread. Thanks for the fun, you guys. Troy can truly get back to be normal and ridding itself of the tea party.

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