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Oh How Cute, Fox is Suddenly Worried About “Media Bias” and its Impact on Democracy

Apparently there are “new questions” about the role of the media 2012 race! What kind of questions? Well, the kind Fox Nooz asks, like: why does the media insist on pointing out all the lies that come out of Mitt Romney’s mouth? And: why do they have to call constant attention to the fact that Gingrich is a womanizing scumbag? Yes, those kinds of questions.

The video opens with a clip of Newt being his normal charming classy self, telling a primary debate moderator that it’s basically his fault that there aren’t “decent” people running for office. Then cut to Megyn Kelly, who seems like she might be a little drunk? Maybe? And then here comes Fox Nooz contributor Jonah Goldberg to weigh in on the controversy (so yeah, maybe she IS a little drunk because even Megyn Kelly probably dreads talking to Jonah Goldberg) as well as some regular Fox Nooz contributor, so we KNOW we’re in store for a balanced, nuanced discussion, what with all these Fox Nooz contributors chatting about how much the media SUCKS. Except for Fox Nooz, who is Above it All. As usual.

[Fox News]

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  1. Barbara_

    Jeff just turned on Fox News. That unnatural black hair color of Bret Baier is neither fair, nor balanced.

        1. OkieDokieDog

          Dude, I turned off the talking head tv box after the evening news, rolled a doobie and have been listening to the soothing sounds of Led Zep and praying to Robert Plant to break the levee and drown the Teabaggers cause I knew their time was gonna come. All hail the Rock God!

  2. tiredalways

    Obama's BFF Axelrod on MSNBC looks very tired :( Hope they all get good night's sleep tonight – including all of us here on wonks

    1. comrad_darkness

      When you are too crazy even to represent the American people, you really need to seek treatment

    2. fartknocker

      My significant other said it best with in her heavy West Texas accent: [i]Adios Fuckface[/i]. I love her succinct message.

  3. Lazy Media

    Jonah Goldberg's face is incomplete without a fist in his mouth.

    I know that's evil violent aggression,but fuck it. I was happy when they schwacked Bin Laden.

  4. mavenmaven

    Given how much the Republicans have lied during this campaign, I wouldn't be surprised if Fox simply declared Romney as president based on "their information" regardless of the actual outcome.

  5. glasspusher

    Bamz' got a higher %age in Miami-Dade than he had in 08, and all the results are not in yet! Beat that panhandle with a stick!

    1. BaldarTFlagass

      Now that he'll be out of a job, maybe Joe Walsh can mastermind another Eagle reunion.

      I hope that's the last stupid Joe Walsh the congressman/guitarist joke you will ever see on Wonkette.

  6. Mittens Howell, III

    Some fucked up sads happening over at FreeRepublic right now:

    "Just unbelievable. We’re done as a nation. Contrast this with 1980! We are just not the people we were when I was a kid.

    Just had a baby girl so I won’t be committing suicide."

    Ummm. Oops.

    Also this:

    "If obama wins and it looks like he will… I will shut down my 40 year old business early next year and reduce my footprint as much as possible. I will not feed the beast that is eating me… any more than I have to. I am John Galt."


    1. fartknocker

      I yet these some fucks want social security, love a large military, enjoy drone strikes while sitting on their fat, white asses watching Faux news, and drive on roads paid for with tax dollars. Boo-fucking-hoo.

      And Florida is still a fucked up place to vote according to MSNBC.

  7. SigDeFlyinMonky

    The continued support of the internal "logic" of the wingnut narrative/mythos/eschatology must be preserve at all costs. No sacrifice of truth or self respect on its altar is too high a price to pay. Eventually, we hope, the remnant keepers of the flame will resemble "Quest for Fire". (Without Rae Dawn Chong, of course!)

  8. Limeylizzie

    10.23pm Eastern time and i just made a very strong cup of coffee. Hey any Wonketteers want to get a celebratory Presidential and post-Sandy drink/coffee anytime soonish?

  9. ProgressiveInga

    Scotty Brown concession speech on C-SPAN. "Hardest part is telling my truck that I'll be taking her home." WTF?

  10. Not_Mother

    PEGGINGTON NOOONINGHAMSHROPSHIRE: "This is just so….SUBDUED. THE NERVE of these libruls making romney out to be a CAPITALIST!!!" Peggington needs moar BOMBAY and vicodin.

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